Death's Door Part Seven

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Welcome back to the quiz :P. So in part six, you learned that it is only a matter of time until Damian tracks you down, and kills you for good...

Now in part Seven, I will try to go deeper into that. There is also a possible ally if you play your cards right, which I'm sure you will... Good luck :P.

Created by: James Bond
  1. Sup everyone :P. So I've been noticing that these quizzes are relatively short, so guess what? I decided to start making these longer, but in exchange for that, I will be making fewer of them... Sound good?
  2. So in part Six, you learned that power doesn't make you invincible, and that fate can never be changed. Well, in part Seven, you will learn that not all enemies are evil... Sound Good? (No effect)
  3. Ever since the reading, Rachel has gotten worse. She lays in her bed all day, recovering from the seizure she got from telling your future. You know that you caused it, but the rest of the group doesn't know what caused it... But they believe you had something to do it. One morning, you trudge down to the kitchen. You can hear Emily talking in a low, quiet voice to Mark. You can tell they're talking about you. "Mark, there's something wrong with him. He seems... Different lately, almost like he has become somebody else, he doesn't care anymore... I think he hurt Rachel in some way..." That's true, you don't care. Ever since your disturbing dreams of your death and the death of your friends and ally mutants were proven true, you've been careless to everything. But in the kitchen is a serious problem, you are now at a crossroads: You can either tell your group of friends now and rid their suspicions of what you did to Rachel, or you can still avoid telling them, and keep all of their hopes of living up. What do you do?
  4. You decide yet again that you shouldn't tell them quite yet, but thankfully, the tension in the group against you is lowered, so life goes on. That afternoon, the other four decide to go into town to stock up on more food. You are left to guard the house with about Eight of your mutant allies from David's group. With the nine of you guarding, the enemy wouldn't be smart to attack now... It's a slow guarding day, not anything suspicious. About three of the other mutants ask you if they can leave early, since you were left in charge. What do you do?
  5. The day continues on, nothing happens until about 2:30 pm. Two of David's crew bust in the door with what looks like a prisoner- a leather sack over his head, and hands bound together in some poorly made wooden handcuffs. "Woah, Woah, Hey, What's going on?!" You ask, somewhat fearful for the abused unknown prisoner. "We found one of Damian's dudes sneaking through the backyard, he says he's a mutant..." One of the boys says. The Two of them take the prisoner up to the main bedroom, pull up a chair and table, and force him down into the chair. You and the rest of David's crew stand and watch quietly the unfolding interrogation. The two boys remove the sack over the prisoner's head. Kyle sits, looking confused and disoriented. The two boys look towards you. "You wanna do the honors?" They ask, wanting you to do the interrogation. What do you do?
  6. "Everybody Out..." You say quietly. They all reluctantly leave you with Kyle left. He doesn't seem like he normally does, he looks like he changed somehow. What is the first question you ask him?
  7. "Why are you away from Damian?" You ask. "He and I had a little misunderstanding," He responds back, not in his usual evil way. Something is definitely different about him. "What'd you mean?" You ask. "He and I want different things now. I realized that when he sent me in to kill a bunch of innocent normal people in the town for no reason... I declined." He says plainly. Thoughts?
  8. "So where's Damian now?" You ask, not seeing Kyle as a threat anymore. "I'm not sure... I think he could be--" Kyle is interrupted by a disturbance downstairs. It sounds like the front door is busted down, and the two of you hear dozens of voices shouting- some you recognize from David's group, some not... One voice shouts right outside the door, one you recognize as Zack. "KYLE! WHERE ARE YOU, YOU COWARD?! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!" Looks like Damian wasn't quite finished with Kyle yet. You get your hands up, ready to nail the first person you see with your power. "Let me up," Kyle says with urgency. "What?" You ask. "I can help. Let me up," he says again. Now he seems different, but is he really?
  9. You quickly let him go. Right as you do, about Three of some people you've never seem before burst into the room. They see Kyle, and nervously demand him to come back to Damian- They look somewhat afraid of him. Kyle resorts back to his fighting self in an instant. He quickly dissapears, then reappears behind the one in the middle, snaps his neck. Reappears in front of the one on the left, who goes to elbow Kyle in the stomach, but is blocked and is given a quick kick to the chest. Once Kyle see's him stagger back in pain, Kyle quickly reappears behind him and gives a knee to the back. Thinking clearly, you raise your palm and shoot the third back through the doors, and down the flight of steps back down to the living room. This happens in about five seconds, Kyle has proven how deadly he is. Now that you've seen what a small portion is that he can do, do you trust him more now?
  10. Thankfully, the snapped neck victim will live. The house is silent again, most likely because the one who you shot down the steps had got the attention of Zack and the other of Damian's group. You and Kyle go downstairs to investigate the damage. Not too bad, some minor injuries here and there in your group. Only one serious head injury on your side, so overall, a battle won for Mark and David's sides. Kyle has nowhere to go now, and so he boldly asks to join your group against Damian. What do you do?
  11. After a long night of convincing, arguing, and shouting, your group takes a vote on Kyle in the group: You, Mark, and John for, and Emily and John against. Rachel was to delirious to vote. Nonetheless, it is decided. You have a new member to your group. That makes Seven, and added with David's crew of Eighteen, that makes a group of 25 against Damian's now group of 48. He is growing slowly. Out of everyone in the group so far, who do you think you can trust the most?
  12. After everyone has gone off to bed, you stay behind to do some thinking. Tomorrow you are going to tell the group what Rachel saw in her reading, there's not gonna be anymore putting it off... This quiz is to be continued :P.
  13. So guess what? You are almost halfway done with this series o:. Good luck further in.

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