Death's Door Part Three

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Welcome back! So as you found out in part two, you and your friend John have super powers :P. In this chapter, you'll find how these powers come at a price...

This is one of the harder ones I've made, so best of luck to you, I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck, you'll need it! K, not really. K, bye. Peace. Later.

Created by: James Bond
  1. "Alright, (Your Name), show me what you got!" Mark shouts. Taking a deep breath, you face the practice dummy. The cool breeze calms our stressed mood. With one swift hand motion from you, the dummy is thrown into a large pine tree, splitting the dummy in half on impact. You and Emily laugh at the lucky hit. Thoughts?
  2. "Alright John, your next!" Mark shouts. You move off to the side with Emily while John goes to the center of the forest field, along with Jack, who carries a nine millimeter handgun. "You ready?" Jack asks. "Yeah," John says, looking nervous. "And... GO!" Jack shouts. John launches into the air, wings spread, as Jack fires five rounds into the sky. Four are dodged. The fifth hits John in the thigh, causing him to shout in pain. John plummets to the ground and lands with a thud. "Ah. Emily? Do your thing?" Mark asks. "Of course," Emily says, jogging over to the injured John. With one soothing touch, John lets out a sigh of relief. His leg healed, he stands back up. Thoughts?
  3. "Alright Everyone, nice job today. You're all coming along well, for the most part. If we keep this up, the enemy mutants won't know what hit 'em," Mark says in his upbeat tone. "By the way, what would some of their powers be that we should look out for?" You ask to Jack. "Well, their powers are actually a lot different than ours. You already met Zack, he has super speed. A kid named Kyle can teleport, he's probably one of the worst. One can pose as other people, like a false clone... The only girl there has invisibility. These are all bad, but the leader is probably the deadliest: get's inside your head. Mark told me that it sounds like your mind is exploding from the inside, its excruciatingly painful," Jack says. Thoughts?
  4. Later that night, Mark and Jack leave to scout out the enemy camp, and see if there are any possible blind spots in their defenses. You, John, and Emily are left to stay in the house yourselves. While the three of you talk, you suddenly hear a window shattering upstairs. The three of you look uneasily at each other. You are the only one there currently with a power that is useful in a fight, so John and Emily nominate you to go upstairs and investigate the noise. What do you do?
  5. You slowly trudge silently up the steps, finding that your entire body is shaking. You finally turn to the room that you heard the noise. The curtains blowing, the window has been broken wide open. Whoever did this, they are in the house now. You see something move out of the corner of your eye. You spin around, expecting to see somebody standing there. Nobody. You hear the noise of movement again on the other side of you. Sure you heard it this time, you spin the other direction. Nothing there. "What the--" you are cut off in mid sentence. like a gunshot, you are hit at the back of the head. Pained, you fall to the ground. You look up to see a face looking down at you. He puts his finger to his mouth, to show a "Be quiet, or I'll kill you," motion. Another person appears at the other side of the room, this time a girl. This must be the teleporter and the invisible, unidentified girl. The two of them creep downstairs, to the kitchen where Emily and John wait for you. What do you do?
  6. You try to stand, but you can't. Your in too much pain. The last thing you hear before you drift into unconsciousness is a scream from Emily... You wake up and find yourself on the couch of the living room. Jack sees you open your eyes, and shouts for Mark. Mark comes bounding down the steps. "You alright?" Mark asks, his voice filled with worry. What do you say?
  7. "John's fine, but Emily's gone... John told us they took her, and that you may have been hurt badly," Mark says darkly. With your pain turned into rage, you leap up. "We gotta save her," You say to Mark. He agrees that what they did is inexcusable. What do you do?
  8. "You sure you're rested?" Mark asks. "Yes. I'll survive..." You trail off. "Alright... If you insist on going..." Mark says. Who do you take with you?
  9. This quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. Good luck in part four :P.

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