Death's Door Part Nine

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Welcome back to part two of season two :P. So I was reading back part 8.5 yesterday (Which by the way if you haven't, go do so now), and I realize that I didn't really have an ending for that quiz! To fix that, I'll be filling in the holes through this one.

So in case you actually did do 8.5, lets recap: the only the only thing that you'll need to remember from the last one is that you accidentally killed the cloning blonde boy, you'll need to remember that for later :)

Created by: James Bond
  1. Please note: If you didn't take the Death's Door part 8.5, go back and do so now. Part Nine wont make any sense if you didn't! For those of you that did read it, I apologize for ending it so abruptly, I had forgotten to post the ending question, so I'll summarize it now: Basically, Mark and Jack were able to convince Logan to abandon Damian's legion and join over to your side. Alex accompanies his brother, Logan, while Alex is your only chance to keep from fulfilling your fate of death. K, here we go :P
  2. During a bright sunny day, you and Mark are strolling through town, buying groceries for the rest of your growing group. Here is the hard part: Due to your group's lack of money and no way to get any, the only way to get food is to steal it. You've been doing this for about a month now, so you've grown out of the guilt. Which isle do you hit first?
  3. After you are done with whichever Isle you chose and Mark has chosen his own to search through, the two of you start slowly and quietly towards the front entrance. "Hold it," the lone cashier says. The two of you stop cold. "Haven't I seen you in here before?" He asks. "Uh... Yeah, we come here all the time..." Mark hesitates. "Right. You probably don't think I can see you stealing every time you come in here, but I'm not stupid. Now as a convenience store owner, I've seen MUCH worse than you..." The cashier cocks a 9 millimeter pistol from under his counter. "Get out..." He says, and aims the gun at Mark. Uh oh. What do you do?
  4. For only a second, you panic. Trying to protect Mark, you force the cashier backwards with your telekinesis, and he literally goes flying. He hits hard against the glass refrigerator which holds all the cold beverages, and the glass shatters. You and Mark book it out of the gas station and sprint down to Mark's new Sedan Truck. Being 16 and a new driver, Mark wastes no time slamming down on the accelerator and shooting off at 80 miles an hour in broad daylight. You aren't really surprised when a cop attempts to pull you over for speeding. Despite his orders, Mark keeps going. Thoughts?
  5. Mark floors it even faster. The chase gets more interesting when two other police cars begin tailing you too. Mark waits until he isn't inside the city anymore and up the path into the forest to say "(Your name), take the wheel for a sec..." "What for?" You ask, still panicking. "I'll get rid of the five-0." Do you do what he says?
  6. Mark practically does a tuck and roll out of the driver's seat while you take the wheel. He lands in the gravel path and faces the three police cars. As the first cop is directly in front of him, Mark brings his insanely strong fist down on the hood of the car. The car flips up from the impact, and lands upside down behind him, its police siren going from loud to softer, then quiet. Thoughts?
  7. The next police car comes up on Mark's left. He literally grabs hold of the car and swings it around to smash it into the other cop car on his right. The last car stops, and a policeman bounds out from the front seat, you can see he has a pistol in his hand, and is aiming right for Mark. What do you do?
  8. Catching on, you quickly force/push the gun out of the officer's hand. He looks really freaked out now, and flees back into his vehicle to speed away. Mark gives you a thank you wave. You can suddenly hear other police sirens wailing in the distance. What do you do?
  9. This quiz is to be continued :P
  10. Alright remember, Season two is gonna go up until part 15, then you'll have to wait for Season three :). It will probably take me about a week or two for me to plan season three out before I start it.

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