Hogwarts L-O-V-E Part 2

So! This is the second part to the Hogwarts quiz I started... I hope you enjoy! I suggest you take the other quiz before taking this one- it'll make more sense :)

So in this one, you discover a few secrets, and finally make it to Hogwarts!!! Yay! Your school year is about to begin! Just keep an eye out for drama...

Created by: TheCreativeFox
  1. You felt someone holding your hand and voices swarming you. "Yes...very close call, sir, we saw it with our own eyes..." "Well, she was cold and very pale, an' had the most fearful expression on her face..." You tried to open your eyes, but they were too heavy. "It's a good thing you saved her boys..."
  2. You frowned, trying hard to open your eyes. "Look, I think she's awake..." You heard Hermione say.
  3. The person holding your hand squeezed it a bit harder, and you felt something pressed against your lips. It was hard, smooth, and smelled like... you took a small bite. Yes, chocolate. You felt the warmth come back, finally making your eyes open.
  4. "You okay?" The person holding your hand said. You looked up and saw Ron's blue eyes peering back into yours. "Ron...?" You whispered.
  5. He smiled, rubbing your hand once more before stepping back next to Harry, who was as pale as you were. You realized you were still on the train. "What happened?" You said groggily. "Well," Hermione said, sitting down on a seat, "We heard someone scream, and Fred and George whipped out of the room, and Fred cast a certain spell at the dementor. Then we saw Professor Lupin-er Remus, to you... go up to the conductor guy and talk to him. Meanwhile, George picked you up and carried you into here." "Yeah, _______, you almost died. The dementor was actually sucking your soul when we got to it..."
  6. You shuddered and helped yourself to a bit more chocolate. The compartment door opened and Remus came through, slightly panting. "It's ok... I talked to the conductor, the dementor was just searching for Sirius Black... it's gone now... How are you feeling, _______?" "I-I'm fine..." You said, swinging your legs off of the chair. Remus gave you a small smile and exited out of the compartment. You sighed and leaned your head back onto the wall, closing your eyes. Everyone ( You, Harry, Ron, Hermione, George, Fred, and Neville) sat in a cold silence, waiting for the ride to be over.
  7. Finally, the train slowed to a stop. "______?" Neville asked, as you all stood up. "Yes?" You replied wearily. "You're related to Professor Lupin... right?" You nod. You knew how he knew. Your last name was Lupin... it wasn't a coincidence... "I'm his niece..." You said, picking up your owl, Picasso. "His niece?" Everyone said at the same time. You nod as you make your way down the train isle "I don't really feel like explaining-" You started, but got interrupted by Ron. "How did we not know-" "Ron!" Hermione said sharply. "What?" You smiled a small smile and hop off the train, into the sea of people. "Lupin! Potter! Granger! I want to see you all" You heard an equally sharp voice shout out. You turned at once, and saw Professor McGonagall marching towards you. You gulped. Professor McGonagall always had a look that you were in trouble or something. "No need to look worried, move along there, Weasley." Ron gave you a concerned glance before disappearing in the crowd.
  8. You followed Professor McGonagall up to her office, complete with a welcoming fire, and ushered you to sit down. "Professor Lupin sent me an owl and told me that you and Potter were taken ill on the train." You opened your mouth to protest, but were interrupted by Madame Pomfrey, the nurse. You felt yourself redden. You didn't need all this fuss for nothing! "I'm fine-" Harry started. "We don't need-" You tried. "Oh, it's you two! Doing something dangerous again?" "It was only a dementor-" Madame Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall exchanged dark looks. Madame Pomfrey muttered to herself about the stupid things schools did. She felt your forehead, "Yes all clammy, won't be the first to collapse..." She went on, taking Harry's pulse, looking into both your eyes. "I'm FINE!" You and Harry said at the same time. "Have some chocolate, at least-" Madame Pomfrey said, trying to feel Harry's forehead.
  9. After FINALLY making it back to the Great Hall, you sat at your house table- Gryffindor. "Oh!" Hermione said, "We've missed the Sorting-"
  10. You started to fill your plate with all sorts of good things, when suddenly, you felt someone slip something into your pocket. You cautiously plucked it out of your pocket and read it quickly. Hi~ It's the new year! Meet me next to the Whomping Willow, I've got a surprise for you!
  11. So, what did you guys think? :)
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  13. Keep an eye out for the next one!

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