going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 2

Hey guys! (It's weird how I say guys when it's only a girls only quiz! LOL) So, here's the second quiz! I hope you all enjoy this! It took forever!

So I hope you have fun, and I really hope that you guys stick with me! I don't really know what else to type here so I'm just gonna type some random things now. Oh wait, ha! I have all the characters now! never mind!

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. You wake up from a wonderful deep sleep with no dreams. You look around your room and you see your trunk at the edge of your bed. You jump up. Today's the day. today's the day you go to Hogwarts!
  2. You hurry and get dressed and brush your hair and all the other things you do in the morning. You grab your trunk which has everything already packed and then head down stairs where yet again, Rob and Gala are making breakfast. they look up at you as you set your trunk down. "Excited much?" Gala jokes. "Yes," you answer. "Well, we'll take the muggle way today, so you better hurry and eat!" Rob informs you. You hurry and eat your breakfast and when you, Rob, and Gala are done you get ready and then get into a car.
  3. So, you drive for a while and you're practically jumping in your seat. You're also going to be able to go to Hogmeade, a village near Hogwarts, on some weekends too! So, finally you make it to Kings Cross and you then start to unload everything. You walk into Kings Cross with everything you need. "Well," Rob says. "Let's get going then."
  4. You walk though the station. You know you have to make it to Platform Nine and Three Quarters, but you don't see it anywhere. Rob then stops at the barrier between Nine and Ten. "So...? where is it?" you ask. "Watch and learn," Rob says, as he walks to the barrier. He goes right though it!!
  5. You waste no time to wait for Gala to tell you to go, you just walk right though. When you come though you see people. Kids saying bye to their parents. You wonder what it would be like if your parents were here. To say bye. To give you a good bye kiss... "Are you alright?" Gala asks, looking at you. You didn't notice that she came though.
  6. "Yeah, I'm fine," you say. "Now come on! let's go!" Gala and Rob laugh as they fallow you towards the scarlet train. "So, remember to write to us," Rob says. "I will," you say. "And remember the rules," Gala adds. As you being an Angelic, you have powers... you can practically do almost what ever you want, but the ones that you have right now are controlling the weather, which matches your mood; and for a reason that Rob and Gala wont tell you, you're not aloud to touch roses either; and since you don't have that much magic blood in you, you're suppose to be muggle born. "Okay," you say. "And remember to make friends!" Gala adds. "Okay, I've go it," you say though a laugh. you give them both hugs. "See you for Christmas then River," Rob says. "Okay," you say.
  7. So, the train is pretty full by the time you get on. all the compartments are full of people, so you have to walk to the very end, and you see... someone... you open up the door and shout, "HARRY!" Harry looks up, along with a boy with red hair and a girl with bushy brown hair. "RIVER!" Harry shouts back, while standing up. "It's so good to see you, come in!"
  8. You do anyway and you put your trunk away and have a seat. "Guys, this is my friend I was telling you about, River. River, this is Hermione," Harry says pointing to the girl. "And Ron," he says, pointing to the boy. you say hi to them and they say hi back. You see a man by the window, sleeping... "Who's that?" you ask. "We don't know, a professor we thing," Ron answers. "It's Professor Lupin, Ron," Hermione informed. "Our Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? I've already told you." You laugh. You just noticed that the train has started up. The next thing you know you hear the sliding door open and you see Draco, along with two other boys stand in the door way.
  9. "Well, well, look who we have here," Draco says. "The Mudblood, Weasel, and Potter." You look up at Draco, you didn't know that he was so mean. "I heard you had some money this summer weasel," Draco added. Ron stood up, and Harry did too, holding him back. Draco's eyes landed on you. "Oh, River, I feel sorry for you," Draco says. "I'd invite you with us, but we're full. I'm sorry you have to sit with pathetic people like them."
  10. "Who's the sleeping oaf?" Draco asks. "It's a professor," you say matter-o-fact. Draco's eyes widened. "Let's go," he says to the two boys at his side, and they disappear. Ron and Harry sit down angrily. "Oh when I get my hands on him I'm-" Ron starts. "Ron!" you and Hermione say in unison. "Oh, right," Ron says, looking at Lupin.
  11. So, you guys sit there and you watch as the lights go out and the train stops. "We're here?" you ask. "I though it'd take longer." Hermione looks around. "No, we can't be here already," she says. Ron goes to the window and looks at it. It starts to become cold, and you don't feel all to well. "I think people are boarding the train..." Ron says. "I'm sure it's nothing," you say, rapping your arms around yourself. you can see your breath. "Maybe we've just broken down," Harry says. Then, the doors slowly slide open...
  12. You see a cloaked figure come into the compartment. You feel all the happiness being ripped away from you, and everything becomes cold. you watch as the thing sees you, and then grabs your arm. You scream a blood curdling scream and the next thing you know you see a great light. Then, everything goes dark...
  13. Hey guys!!! So, here's the end of my second quiz, ever made! If you guys have sticked with me this long, I'm really surprised... BUt thanks guys! I love you all so much! KIT (doesn't affect score)

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