Going to Hogwarts with a twist (Girls Only)

Hi! This quiz is based off of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I really hope you all enjoy it. It's my first quiz so it will hopefully get better as I go along.

So... I really don't know what else to write here, but the fact that natuhleegayle is like my idol for this stuff and I would have gotten this out sooner if I were thirteen, so, have fun!

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. So... you're heading into your third year. Your name is River (I'm only giving you a name until the fourth year because of the story line) You were homeschooled the first two years because your caretakers, Rob and Gala, didn't trust some of the people working there. As you may be wondering your parents were murdered when you were only a month old... and there's something special about you... You're an Angelic. They're like people who are like Angels, but don't have wings and don't send messages to and from God, and you can do magic with out a wand...
  2. So, you live in Little Whining, and you're at the park right now, sitting on the swings. You see your friend, Harry, walking towards you. You smile as he sits next to you. "Hi River," Harry says. "Hi," you say. "I'm heading to Diagon Alley tomorrow, I'm actually going to Hogwarts!!!" Harry smiles. "That's great!" he says. "I can't wait," you say.
  3. So, you spend a few hours with Harry, talking about Hogwarts, and then you head back home. The next day you wake up to find Rob and Gala down stairs making breakfast. "Excited?" Rob asks with a smile. "Yes! when are we going?" you ask. "Right after breakfast," Gala says. "So I suppose you hurry and eat." So, you hurry and eat breakfast, then get everything you need ready. You're feeling???
  4. After you have everything ready Rob and Gala get ready too. "We'll be taking Floo Powder, we don't have time to drive the muggle way," Rob says. Rob and Gala were pure bloods, but you only have one tenth witch blood in you, the rest nine tenths are Angelic blood, just to let you know. So, Rob walks to the fire place, grabs a handful of Floo Powder, and then steps in. "I'll go first," he says. "Diagon Alley!" He throws the powder in and he's engulfed in green flames and he's gone. "Alright, you next then," Gala says.
  5. You grab a handful of powder and then step in the fireplace. "Diagon Alley!" you shout, while throwing the powder. The next thing you know you're spinning in darkness, going all over the place, and then you stop. "Whoa," you say as you step out. You see the alley, it's crawling with people, and there's many shops, owl shops, wand shops, everything you could ever think of. You step out and Gala fallows close behind you. You see Rob as he walks towards you. "Come on, let's go," he says.
  6. The first place you go is the book store. You walk in and you see books upon books. You see only three other people walking around. the first is a given, the owner of the store, and then you see to other people who look a like. They both have blonde hair, but the father has longer hair. They're both wearing black clothes. "Lucius!" Rob says. "How nice to see you!"
  7. You all walk over to the people Rob was shouting to and you start to talk. "This is my wife Gala, and our adopted daughter River," Rob says. You shake hands with Lucius. "I've heard much about you," he says. "This is my son Draco." You and Draco shakes hands.
  8. "We're letting her go to school this year, now that we know the people she'll be learning with," Rob says. "Oh, how fun," Lucius says with little emotion in his voice. "I am surprised that you are letting her go with Sirius Black out on the lose." Rob shrugs. "I'm sure Dumbledore will watch over her," he says. "Very," Lucius agrees. "Well, I suppose we should be going then," Lucius says.
  9. So, you all say bye and then get everything you'll need for Hogwarts. You had a blast, and you had two ice cream bowls though out the day too. (I'm sure you're all glad about that!) There was one thing that really caught your attention though, you saw a Firebolt in a window. "Thinking about joining Quidditch?" Rob asks. "I want to," you say. "Well, maybe if you're lucky you can," Gala says. "I hope so," you say. "Well, let's get going," Rob says. With a heavy heart, you say by to the alley and then leave back home...
  10. HIIII! Okay, so this is the end of the first quiz. sorry if it seems weird, but it's my first quiz. I just wanna say that natuhleegayle was the one to inspire me, and I would have gotten it out earier if I were thirteen.... so, I hope you all enjoyed it! KIT (ALSO, this has no effect on result)

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