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  • hey
    "yeah, from lazy town. an old show i used to watch as a kid, and a meme. had robby rotten in it"
  • hey
  • hey
    "i keep looking at your profile picture and thinking it's that one dude from lazy town the super dude with the mustache i can't r"
  • hey
    "haha i sometimes find it hard to pass the time perhaps that's why i find myself on this site again but i have taken"
  • hey
    "remember when we would get on gtq and the lounge would be totally bursting with energy and threads remember when trolls would make tri"
  • Although you are very small
    "my knees are so skinned and bruised yikes"
  • "im playing anne in diary of anne frank rip"
  • "i started seeing a therapist again so that's cool"
  • "i keep missing peoples messages"
  • "no i wanna die"
  • "fun fact ya girl is almost passing out because of her heart yeet"
  • "i should probably go see a cardiologist before i die like the guy who did my physical told me too but he still passed me so guess i'll die"
  • "tbh probably gonna leave rn"
  • "and by back i mean i'm aimlessly wandering the internet and stumbled upon here once again f---"
  • "s--- you're probably not going to see this but Dove sounds like a really nice name hey so i'm back and more depressed t"

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