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  • Land of the Machines
    ""I think it's a great idea," Alaniora said. There was something off about her voice. Her voice was shaking, but it was hard to tell if it wa..."
  • "i didn't put my laptop on my lap quick enough and i accidentally became a cat bed for an hour."
  • Land of the Machines
    ""Go with you? Like, leave the city?" Morgan asked, rubbing the back of his head. "I don't know if that's a good idea. I know things seem rou..."
  • Land of the Machines
    ""Don't be. We both understand why you need to go. Even if Nora doesn't seem like she does. We'll see what supplies we can get you, and you c..."
  • Land of the Machines
    ""Nora, let her go," Morgan spoke softly. "Shicicliff is no safer than anywhere else. She'd be better off back home than here." "
  • Land of the Machines
    ""You're leaving?" Alainora asked after putting a patching band-aid on Morgans head. Her attention was then turned fully to Ras"
  • "it's way too hot here"
  • Land of the Machines
    "Morgan shook his head, only for Alainora to huff and force him to stay still. She applied some antiseptic to his wound, causing him to wince..."
  • "my quotev is so dead i wish i wasn't t r a s h"
  • Land of the Machines
    ""Yeah, I think so. There doesn't seem to be a lot of them at the moment, but look at what they can do," Morgan said. Alainora "
  • "i finally got my car registered and it is hot as f---kkk it's so hot. now i'm back home with my kitty but i need to leave to help take care ..."
  • Land of the Machines
    ""You don't believe that, though," Alainora said as she searched around on her workbench. She grabbed a flashlight and shined light around th..."
  • "yeah schools are really weird about that"
  • Land of the Machines
    "Shutting the door behind them, Morgan quickly rushed to the curtains in the room and began closing them. It was extremely dark in the house ..."
  • "my brothers birthday is september 30th and they said he was too late to start the year so he had to wait another year before starting school..."

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