Going to Hogwarts with a twist Part 35

Right then! So sorry for the long delay! I hope this makes up for it! Anyways, so. We left off with you eavesdropping on a meeting, shame on you! Haha, actually, maybe it was for the best that you eavesdropped!

Now, you are heading back to Hogwarts! Exciting, right!? Ha, ha, well, we will see how it turns out, shall we ? Now to just wake up those boys . . .

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. Alright hey guys! Working on part 35 (really part 34) but before I start, just a real quick question: alright, so you know how I always have the Harry Potter Characters say something about you depending on your answers and responses to the quiz, right? Well, it's getting harder and harder for me to come up with ideas so I'll leave it up to a vote. If you guys still want me to do the thing with the Harry Potter Characters then I will, but if you either don't care or don't want it and you just want me to stop, then I will. I'll leave it to a majority in the comments and if that doesn't work for some of you I will also put it up as a poll as well. Leave me your minds in the comments! (but there will still be the happy, funny (at least I try to make them funny XD) and weird answers to the questions in the quiz series so that will not go away.
  2. The morning was peaceful and quiet. Not a single sound echoed across the room; no one moved because you, Hermione, and Ginny were all sleeping a deep, peaceful dream. You were nice and warm with the room darkened but light was slowly starting to seep though the blinds of the room. And that's when the peacefulness ended. A sharp knock sounded at the door tugging you up out of your dreams as if you were a wooden puppet. You groan as you open your eyes; Hermione and Ginny begin to wake up slowly as well as the knocking still sounds at the door and Cedric's voice seeps though the door. "Girls? Girls it's time to wake up, we have school today," Cedric informs. Ginny groans as she plops back down on her bed. "I don't want to go to school," she groans again. You sigh as you slowly pull the covers off of you and stand up to stretch. "No one wants to go back to school, we just do anyways," Hermione states while standing up after you.
  3. Ginny sighs and she finally collects her mind and she stands up with you and Hermione. You begin to dress in regular muggle clothes since you know that you'll be heading to Kings Cross later today. "Who do you reckon will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?" Ginny questions with a yawn. You shrug. "Someone who's not a fake hopefully," you state remembering the events that happened last year. You shiver a little at the dark thoughts poking in your mind; how you're supposed to be dead, six feet in the ground. "Maybe we'll get someone as good as Lupin," Hermione says with a warm smile. You laugh. "Don't let Lupin hear you say that," you joke. "I don't think anyone could ever replace him anyways," Ginny says with a small remembering smile.
  4. No one says anything after that. It's as if you've all silently agreed with Ginny's words and a silent agreement is all that you need. After you three are done dressing you take your trunks and head downstairs for breakfast. Your mind is swimming though the net of thoughts inside of your mind and your stomach ins tying and untying up in knots. You remember the last day of school last year on the train; you and Draco... You try and force all of those weird, confusing, horrible, and hurtful thoughts out of your mind. Not too long later you find yourself at the table sitting in between Hermione and Ginny. You don't even remember sitting down; it was as if you were a mindless zombie and you were just able to catch up to your thoughts. You shake your head to clear it and you go back to eating. "We'll be driving there and we'll be leaving soon," Molly, Ron's mother, explains to you three. You look up and notice that there's only you, Hermione, Ginny, Cedric, and all the other grown ups are at the table. "So Cedric," Molly goes on. "If the boys aren't down here in five minuets I want you to go up there and make them come down." Cedric answers Molly with a simple head nod; he didn't say anything.
  5. About three seconds later, the twins, Harry, and Ron rush down the stairs in a big wave. The four hurry and take their seats at the table and Molly begins to put food on their plates. "It's about time you four got down here," she scolds them. "I don't see what the big deal is mum," Ron says. "We're already in London, we don't have to drive for hours just to get to Kings Cross." Molly sighs; she obviously isn't in the mood for arguing with Ron. "Oh just hurry up Ronald," she says while walking over to the sink to clean more dirty dishes.
  6. After Molly is done with the dishes she hurries you and all the other kids up. "Hurry, hurry! It's nearing nine! Who knows what the traffic will be like?" Molly says. You sigh in excitement as you walk over to put your sweater on and pick up your trunk. "Do we really have enough cars to take all of us mum?" Ginny questions in a whisper as you and everyone else make way towards the door. "Yes, the Ministry gave us some cars to borrow dear," Molly answers in a whisper. "Now hurry along dears." Everyone is quickly rushed outside and you find two, small, muggle cars waiting for you. "What are we?" Fred questions. "Clowns?" George finishes. "Oh come on," Tonks speaks up while walking over to one of the cars and opening up the trunk. "It's a charm. Now why don't you all pack up your things in the trunk?"
  7. After you all put your trunks in the back the next few moments are a blur. You're stuffed in a car with the twins, Hermione, Ginny, Moody, Tonks, and Lupin. You sigh as you lean back into your seat, listening to the small talk of everyone else. You just drift off into your own mind as you stare out the window. Soft rain begins to tap at the window and you grin a little as thunder begins to sound in the distance. "Looks like it's going to rain," Ginny states. "Oh, imagine that, it's raining in London," Hermione says sarcastically, but she laughs.
  8. The ride seems to go by faster than the lightning flashing outside. The rain is softly tapping at the windows and is softly falling on the ground outside. The smell of rain already fills the inside of the car. A rush of wind comes into the car as Tonks opens up door. "Right then," she says. "Watch your heads as you get out." One by one, you all shuffle out of the car into the soft rain. Everyone else who was in the other car is already out and waiting for the rest of you as you slowly make your way to them. "Hurry up kids, let's get out of this rain..." Molly says while pushing all of you inside the train station.
  9. A blast of warm air hits your face as you and the others finally make it inside. There's no time for you to stop and look around at the mass crowd that's rushing around you. Moody is piratically pushing you towards the barrier between platforms Nine and Ten. "What's the rush?" you hear Ron question his mother. "We have plenty of time, don't we?" You hear Molly sigh. "Please Ronald, no questions, we have to hurry and get your all on the train," she answers. Your eyes drift over to all the grown ups around you. Something seems off... You had fallen asleep when you were eavesdropping on their meeting last night, so you didn't catch everything that they said. You quickly look away before someone catches you looking at them. Something is totally up.
  10. You all made it to the platform faster than you thought you would. The familiar smoke of the Hogwarts Express fills the air again. The huge scarlet engine is stationed to your left, and kids are already loading on it. You hear the happy screams of first years who are excited to finally go to Hogwarts. You laugh and remember how excited you were to finally go to Hogwarts, to meet people somewhat like you, to hang out more with Harry. You remember all the friends you made, and how they're all still with you, right now. They'll always be there for you, and you know it; you'll be there for them too. You have all been through too much to just walk away from each other and pretend that you're all strangers. This friendship bond that you hold with everyone is too strong to be broken; even Death will never be able to tear you away from your new family.
  11. Lupin hurries and pushes all the kids towards the express to hurry and get them on, and you were about to go with them until you felt Tonks grab your arm. The kids walk past you and you turn to face her. "______," she says to you. "Yeah?" You question. "Before you go on, I have something to give to you," Tonks says while pulling something from her pocket. You see a shimmering bracelet in Tonks hand, and you stand there in awe and you look at it. The chain for the bracelet is a wonderful shade of silver, and the charms are just amazing! There's a set of white gold angel wings, that makes your heart flutter a little. There's also a wand. This makes you laugh, remembering what you thought wands looked like when you were younger; a stick with a glowing star at the end. There's also a golden halo, a rose, and a castle that reminds you a lot of Hogwarts. "It's amazing," you say in awe. Tonks smiles and she begins to put the chain around your wrist. "Things are changing ______," Tonks says when she finishes chaining it. "And you have to be prepared for anything, and everything. Dark times are ahead, and we won't always be there to protect you. Sometimes you'll have to protect yourself." You give Tonks an odd look. You were expecting this talk from Lupin, or Moody; anyone but Tonks. Tonks has always been the person to make you laugh, to make you feel better. "What do you mean? We're going to Hogwarts, we'll be safe there, right?" you question, a little worry lacing your voice. "Anything can happen ______," Tonks says. "Do you know what this is for?" Of course you know what the bracelet is for, or at least you had a pretty good idea from eavesdropping on the meeting last night. You pretend to not know what it's for and you innocently shake your head. "Well, whenever you or Harry get in trouble, and you're in a situation in which you can't handle, break one of these charms; we'll come for you. The charms will be a little hard to break off, but you should be able to manage."
  12. You nod your head and sigh. A feeling settles into your heart, a feeling you don't like; change. You know things are changing, darker times are ahead. You don't want things to change though, you want things to stay wonderful and happy. You know they can't though, after last year nothing will ever be the same for you. You and Harry are kind of the boy and girl who lived. It's clear that Voldemort isn't happy with you after someone, yet again, escaped him. "I don't want things to change though," you whisper softly. When you say this, Tonks looks like she's about to cry. "I know ______, I know, but sometimes there's nothing we can do about it," she says just as soft as you did. You were about to say something more, but the whistle telling everyone that the train was going to leave in five minutes blew. "Well, that will be the train, you should probably be getting on now," Tonks says. You nod your head. "Alright, I'll see you when Christmas comes then," you say while turning to leave. You begin to walk towards the train, but Tonks stops you after a few steps. "And ______," she calls. You stop walking and you turn back around and face her. "Yeah?" you ask. "Don't listen to anything you learn in Defense Against the Dark Arts," Tonks says. Another confused look makes its way onto your face. Shouldn't you pay more attention? If things are changing for the worse, then you should prepare yourself! "Why?" you question. Tonks looks like she's about to burst out laughing. She shakes her head. "Trust me," she says.
  13. You nod your head again as soon as the train whistle blows. You quickly wave to her and you rush into the train. The train is noisy. First years are talking like there's no tomorrow with people that they just met in compartments, and some seventh years are yelling at them to shut up. You begin to push through some of the people still in the alley and you try and find your friends. "______? ______!" you hear someone say behind you. You quickly turn around at the familiar voice and you smile and laugh. "Blake! Oh my goodness, it's been forever since I've seen you!" you explain as Blake finally catches up to you. You both share a hug, and you suddenly forget about everything Tonks explained to you. "Oh, come on, the others are wondering what was taking you so long," Blake explains to you while grabbing your arm and dragging you back to the compartment. You find Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Cedric in the compartment, and they all greet you with a simple hello. You put your trunk over your head and you take a seat next to Hermione and Blake. "What was taking you so long?" Ron questions as the train lurches forward. You hold onto the seat as the train moves, but soon enough you get used to it. "Tonks had to talk to me," you answer simply with a shrug. When you spoke with a shrug, Ron took that as a hint to not ask any more questions so he turned to Harry and started talking to him instead. "So, how did your summer go?" Blake asks you.
  14. "Oh, yeah, uh..." You say. You remember the fight you got into with Rob and Gala, how you ran away so you could come to Hogwarts, how you had to say with the Order. You sigh and you begin to explain everything that happened, but you left out the things about the Order though. You weren't sure if Dumbledore and all the other grown ups would want Blake to know. "Oh, wow. ______, I'm so sorry that happened," Blake says, her eyes wide. You shake your head and you manage a smile. "It's fine," you say. "Don't worry about it. We're heading to Hogwarts now, things will be fine."
  15. Blake nods her head, but you can tell she's still worrying. Things have never really been the same since last year, but you try to not dwell on that. The two of you move on to talking about Blake's Summer break. Her and her family went to France. She shows you a few pictures that she took of the Eiffel Tower, which are amazing. After a while of talking though, the compartment died down to a silence. The only sounds you can hear is the rattling of the train, and the first years messing around in their compartments. You turn to look out the window. The country side is amazing with its green grass, and trees; yet even though you're looking at something so beautiful and bright, a darker subject crawls into your mind. "Things are changing ______," you hear Tonks words in your head. You can't help but think how right she is. But maybe things have been changing for a while. Yes, things started to change right when Voldemort cast that spell at you last year. Things started to change when you woke up from the dead. They're still changing.
  16. "______, we're here," Cedric's voice pulls you out of your thinking. You blink a few times to clear your head and you look around. Everyone else has already left the compartment, now it's only you and Cedric. You were really deep in your thinking. "Oh," you say while standing up. Quickly, you begin to get your trunk. You turn towards Cedric who's still waiting for you. "You know," you say to him. "You don't have to escort me everywhere." Cedric's eyes fluttered to the floor for a split second, but then he looked back up at you. "We're technically not in Hogwarts yet, so we're not safe," Cedric says simply. Suddenly, more stuff that happened in the meeting, how Cedric is supposed to watch over you and Harry from now on. "What are you, my body guard now?" you question just as simply as him. Cedric throws you a look that you can't quite explain, but he doesn't answer you, he doesn't say anything at all. He looks tired. It's as if he hasn't slept in weeks. It was your turn to have your eyes flutter to the ground, and you began to walk out of the compartment. "Let's just hurry and get to the school."
  17. The ride to the school is short and quiet. The only people talking are Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the rest of you guys are like strangers to each other. It's cold from the rain, and you're a little wet which isn't helping any. You pull your arms closer to you to help keep you warm, but you don't want to complain. You can't help but admire the bracelet Tonks gave you though. It's just so pretty and majestic, you can't imagine breaking it if you ever got in trouble; it's too pretty. "Well that's pretty," Blake says while catching sight of your wrist. "Where'd you get that?" You smile a little and you look up at her. "Tonks gave it to me before I got on the train," you answer simply. Blake throws you an odd look. "Tonks?" she questions. Your smile fades and you shake your head. "She's a friend."
  18. Finally, you made it to Hogwarts. People were rushing out of the carriages and out of the rain to put their stuff away. Thing's were more quiet without the first years around; they were on the lake taking a boat into the school. You hop out of the carriage and you carry your trunk into the school with everyone else. It was nice and warm inside the castle, and you warmed up as soon as you stepped in. "Oh, that's nice," you say while setting your trunk down with everyone else. The others turn to put their stuff and you were going to walk towards them, but a hand grabbing onto your arm stopped you. You turn to see who it is and your blood runs cold. "What do you want?" you question, malice runs thick in your words.
  19. You were hoping that you wouldn't run into this person until you got to the common room. This was the last person you were looking forward to talking to. "Oh ______, you can't pretend that you didn't miss me," Pansy says as if she were actually hurt by your words. "I'm not pretending," you say sternly. "Now what do you want?" A horrid smile twists onto Pansy's lips and she pulls a red letter out of her pocket. "Mail came early for you. I'm guessing you got in trouble early this year," she sneers while holding the red letter out for you. You look down at the letter and you take it. Instantly, you know what it is; a Howler. Rob and Gala must be really mad at you. "I'd hurry and open that if I were you," Pansy says in a smug voice; then she walks away. You can only stare at the note when she walks away. You're not sure if you even want to open it or not. "______," you hear Hermione call after you. "You coming?"
  20. You turn to Hermione, the red letter firm in your hand. You give her a poor excuse for a smile and you wave the red letter in your hand. "On second," you say. "I have to... deal with this." Hermione's eyes widen when she sees the Howler. You close your eyes and you turn around, then you head down a few hallways to try and find an abandoned one. You finally come to an empty hallway, secluded from the hundreds of kids heading to the Great Hall and you look down at the red letter. The envelope just screams you're in trouble. "Well..." you mutter to yourself. "Here goes nothing." You tear the wax off of the paper, and that's when the screaming began:
  21. "________!" you hear Gala yell your name. "HOW DARE YOU RUN AWAY FROM US WHEN WE'VE TOLD TO STAY HOME? WE'RE TRYING TO PROTECT YOU! WE'RE TRYING TO SAVE YOU! YOUNG LADY, WHEN CHRISTMAS COMES YOU'RE COMING HOME, AND YOU'RE STAYING HOME! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL WHILE YOU CAN." There's something odd about Gala's voice though. It's like she's on the verge of tears when she's yelling at you. You quickly forget about that as the letter tears itself up. You let out a sigh. It's really unlike Gala to yell at you like that, and you wonder what's gotten into her. You turn away from the red shreds of paper and you begin to walk down the halls back towards the Great Hall. You're sure that you've already missed most of the sorting.
  22. The screeching of an owl stopped you from going any further. You look up and you see the owl the you always receive post from when you're with Rob and Gala over the summer. It gracefully swoops down and drops another Howler on the ground, and then it heads back through the halls to leave the school. You sigh and walk over and pick it up. Should you open it? 'No,' you think to yourself. 'I've already gotten yelled at by them today.' You walk over to the staircase and you sit down on it, the Howler in your hand. You don't see any point walking in the middle of the sorting, in fact, the whole Feast seems pointless. So you're just sitting on the steps in an empty silence with no one else in the hall. Or so you thought.
  23. Someone turns into the same hall that you're in. You dearly hope inside that it's not a teacher, that would be the last thing that you'd want, to get in trouble when you haven't even been inside the school for an hour. You take a closer look at the person and you find that it's definitely not a teacher. They belong in your house, Slytherin. They have platinum blonde hair, and pale skin, and blue eyes. The only person you know who looks like that is, "Draco," you whisper softly to yourself. You quickly look away from him and you look down at the ground. Last year with you and him on the train was a total disaster. You remember how you told him that you couldn't speak with him anymore, how much danger you'd put him in; and the kiss. Nope, can't forget that kiss anytime soon, now can we? His foot steps come closer and closer to you, but it seems as if he trips up when he notices you; yet he keeps walking. Something odd begins to happen. You feel the letter begin to move in your hands, like it's angry or something. You look at it oddly and you turn it in your hands. That's when it explodes into flames.
  24. You let out an ear piercing scream and you drop the letter. It burns your hands really bad, like a million hot irons are poking at your skin. You hear Draco shout a spell and water douses out the flames of the letter. Quickly you turn to him, your hands shaking. "I didn't need you to do that," you say. Draco looks at you and he shoves his wand back into his pocket. "I know, but I did it anyways," he says firmly. "I had that," you say heated, but your voice cracks in pain. Draco takes a few steps towards you and he crosses his arms. "I can tell by your burning hands," Draco spits at you. You have to admit, you're not used to his harsh tone and snappy words. But you know it's for the best that you pretend that you don't care for each other, even though he's kind of caring for you right now. "I thought I told you to stay away from me," you spit back. Draco's firm look wavers a little, like you made him remember the little 'talk' you two had on the train at the end of last year. As quickly as that look came though, it leaves and that cold hard look is back on his face again. "Come on," he says as if you never brought up that subject. "What?" you question. "Follow me," Draco says firmly. You throw him a look that screams 'are you out of your mind?' and you shake your head. "No Draco. I'm not going with you," you say firmly. Draco rolls his eyes as if he's annoyed with you. "Oh come ON ______. Look around us! Who else do you see in this hall? We're safe... for now."
  25. 'We're safe... for now.' Those words ring in your head over and over again. You can't help but go back to the train station where you were talking with Tonks. Change... Dark times... A horrible thought crosses into your mind; what if Draco changes? Like, really changes? What if he follows his fathers lead? What if he becomes a Death Eater as well? This may be the last time you ever see the good Draco, the Draco that apologized to you in the Great Hall when Sirius Black was supposedly trying to kill Harry. The Draco who kissed you on the train last year. This might be the last time. "Alright," you say softly while looking back down at your hands; you begin to follow him. Now the only thing on your mind his how badly your hands are hurting. They're not burnt to a crisp, but they're a bright red. It's like you have a really bad sun burn on your hands and someone decided to slap it over and over again. "What was that anyways?" Draco questions you, breaking the stretching silence between you two. "Oh," you say while looking up from your hands. "That was a Howler. Apparently they burst into flames when you don't open them." Draco nodded, but he didn't look at you, and he didn't say anything else, he just kept on walking. You were expecting some sort of funny comment from him or something, but you got nothing whatsoever.
  26. The rest of the walk, you two walk in silence. The hospital wing is empty apart from Madam Pomfrey. She looks up and sees the two of you and sighs. "Hasn't even been half an hour yet," she mutters to you while leading you over to one of the beds. "Must be a new record." You explain to Madam Pomfrey how your burnt your hands and she nods and walks over to get something to help heal your hands. You're expecting Draco to leave, but he doesn't. He takes a seat on the bed across from you and he doesn't say a word. In no time, Madam Pomfrey has your hands wrapped, and you feel no pain at all. She's really good at what she does, and you're relived that your hand should be healed by tomorrow morning. "You shouldn't have brought me here," you say to Draco. "I know, and for the last time, I don't care," Draco says firmly. "Well you should start being a jerk to me again," you say firmly. "I don't want Pansy spreading any rumors again. And it's about time that you should get going." Draco's eyes soften a little, and something tugs at your heart. You're shutting a friend out again, and he knows it; you both hate it. "It's for the best Draco," you whisper softly while looking away from him. You hear him sigh and jump off the bed. "Fine," he says firmly while walking towards the door to leave. "Hope you get better."
  27. You close your eyes and sigh. You realized how much you hate change. Change sucks. You sit up straight and you swing your legs over the side of the bed, but you stop when you hear talking outside of the door. You hear Draco and... is that Cedric? "What were you doing in there?" you hear Cedric question. "What's it to you, Diggory?" you hear Draco sneer. There he is, the mean Draco, the Draco that you brought out. "Nothing. But hey, maybe you can actually be useful for once Malfoy; have you seen ______?" Cedric questions. You imagine Draco smirking and you roll your eyes. You know what he's about to say. "Oh yeah, ______, she's in there. Got burnt pretty bad. Lots of blood, that's for sure. This school needs to be careful for their candles more often..." Draco says, but he stops. Cedric suddenly rushes into the room, his eyes wide with fear, but he sighs in relief when he sees that you're actually okay. "I thought- Malfoy said-" Cedric stutters. "Cedric," you cut him off. "I'm fine." You let out a nervous laugh and you show him your hands. "I learned the hard way that Howlers catch on fire if you don't open them." Cedric sighed and walked over to you; he sits on the bed across from you. "Well... at least it wasn't major, right? And why'd you get a Howler anyways?" Cedric questions.
  28. You sigh and you explain to him how mad Rob and Gala are, and you also explain how they're trying to make you come home at Christmas; come home and never go back. "That's horrible," Cedric says when you finish. "You're telling me!" you explain to him. "You don't have to go home and never come back and see your friends..." Cedric throws you a sad look and he mutters softly, "I'm sorry." You look at him and shake your head. "No, don't be. I'm just... Not having the best of days, none of this is your fault, and you shouldn't be sorry," you say. You sigh and Cedric nods his head. "So, what was Draco doing in here anyways?" Cedric questions. There's no way you're going to tell him what really happened. You're not sure how well Cedric would take it, so you quickly come up with a lie. "I don't know," you say with a shrug. "He was in here when I came in." Cedric nods his head and he looks over towards a clock on the wall. "It's getting late, the Feast is probably over. We should get going," Cedric states. You sadly nod your head and you stand up. The two of you begin to walk down the halls together since you both have to go to the lower levels. "Cedric," you question while the two of you walk. "Have you noticed that things are... Oh, I don't know, changing." Cedric looks down at you and throws you an odd look, but then he looks back and watches where he's walking. "Of course I have," he says. "Things started to change as soon as you got hit by that spell. As a matter of fact ______, YOU'RE the one who made things change." You never thought about it that way, that you were the one who made everything change to the way it is. You can't help but feel a little guilty, and it clearly shows on your face. "______," Cedric says. "Don't feel bad, alright. You saved my life that day, you also saved Blake, and Harry. That's not something to feel bad or ashamed about."
  29. You look up at him and you nod your head, you even manage a smile. At your smile Cedric smiles back, something you haven't seen him do in a long while. You stop walking as you reach the ground floor and you take a deep breath. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow then," you say to him. Cedric nods and he says a quick goodbye to you too, and then you both head your separate ways.
  30. As you walk you can't help but think of everything. Everything seems to be falling down around you, everything you've ever known is changing and you're not really sure if anything is changing for the good. You take deep breaths as you walk down the dark hallways and you wait. You wait to see the Slytherin's taunting you, you wait to see Pansy and them in your dorm. You wait to see something somewhat familiar, somewhat the same, yet somewhat totally different. 'Things are changing, huh?' you think to yourself. 'More like things are falling apart.'
  31. Gosh guys. Took me forever to make this. Sorry for the long wait but hey, finally got it out, right? Anyways, again, please don't forget to leave what you think about the quiz results in the comments please! I'll seriously try my hardest to get the next quiz out, but to be honest, I have no bloody idea what I'm going to do next, so ideas are ALWAYS welcomed! And you guys have no idea how thankful I am for you guys sticking with me, I love you all so much. Love ya, KIT!

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