going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 9

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Okay, before I forget. THANK YOU ANDOZA!!! I saw your comment and thank's for sticking with me. I'm trying to thank everyone who's taking my quizzes (That has an account so I can name them)

I really love it that you like my quizzes. (And I'm talking about the comment that you put on the seventh quiz, just to clear that up) So... Just going to say... The quiz is long, but three Major things happen, Draco fans...

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  1. Most of the Gryffindor's were laughing on the way back. You weren't sure if you should laugh or not so you just kept quiet as you walked back to school. "Oh, he deserved it, that's for sure," Ron said. "Especially after he treated you like that River."
  2. So, you go to the rest of your classes, and only had a little trouble at lunch (Which Cedric kindly got under control for you) and then you headed to your room where you saw the stack of letters that Gala and Rich sent to you. You sigh, get dressed for bed, and then close the canopy so you won't be bothered by Pansy, Millicent, Tracy, and Daphne. You read through the twenty-five letters. Most of them are along the lines of "Is everything okay?" "Why aren't you writing back?" "I'm talking to your head about this!"
  3. So, you get writing. You tell them about your sorting, (Leaving out the creepy message from the hat) and you told them about the friends you made, and then the friends who back stabbed you. You tell them about almost everything, with the exception of the letters from the person you still don't know yet. Next thing you know you fell asleep writing your letter.
  4. So, quickly a week has gone by and the teachers have decided to make it another Hogmeade weekend!!! Luckily for you the other girls are already gone and so you're able to get dressed in peace. When you enter the eating hall you notice that most of the kids have already left, including A LOT of the Slytherin's. "RIVER!" you hear someone call you.
  5. You look over towards the voice and you see that Ron and Hermione are calling you over. You quickly walk over to the Gryffindor table. "Yeah?" you ask. "We were wondering if you'd like to hang out with us at Hogmeade today," Hermione says. "Yeah, sure," you say. "Okay, after breakfast then?" Ron asks. "Yeah, see you guys then," you say, while walking back to the Slytherin table to eat breakfast.
  6. So, after you're done eating, Ron and Hermione and you head to Hogmeade where you're talking and having fun. "Let's raid the candy shop," Ron says. "And get into a sugar comma and die? I think not," Hermione says. You laugh. "We wont die," you say. "And we'll get out of school." "NO!!!" Hermione shouts. "Dang, calm down," you say though a laugh. "I was just joking."
  7. Okay, so this question doesn't count, but I'm gonna skip around a little because I really want you guys to get to the good part and I'm sure you don't want to read though some tedious things anyway.
  8. So as Ron said, you raided the Candy Shop, bought some candy for Harry, went to the Three Broomsticks and got a Butterbeer. "Don't spit it at me, okay?" Ron asked. So, around four you guys headed back to Hogwarts. "What should we do now?" you ask. "We need to drop buy our common room for a second," Hermione says. "Meet you with Harry outside?" You agree and then you head to you common room too just to drop some of the things you bought.
  9. On your bed you see another letter from the unknown person you're talking to. You take the letter, thinking that you'll read it later and head to your common room to find something going on. Kids are rushing quickly out of the common room with Snape hot on their tails. "Move! Come on! We haven't gotten all day now!" He looks around the room and he sees you at the edge of the girls dorm stairs. "River," he says monotone. "Haven't you heard that there is a killer in the castle?" he asks. "What?" you ask. "I guess you haven't, I suggest that you get going before we lock you out of the eating hall."
  10. Sorry, I messed up, this goes to the last question. I was just too lazy to fix it.
  11. You quickly walk out of the room, the last one to, and Snape fallows close behind you. You're all gathered into the eating hall where you see sleeping bags, and all the other houses. Snape orders you and the rest of your house to sit at a corner and you choose a sleeping bag near the edge of Gryffindor where you're next to Hermione. "What's going on?" you ask. "Sirius Black has broken into the castle! He attacked the Fat Lady portrait!" Hermione explains. "What?" You ask. "But, how? I thought the Dementors where here to keep us safe!" Hermione sighs. "I don't know, they're mad though," she says.
  12. "Scary, huh?" Ron asks, walking towards you guys. "How's Harry?" you ask. "Fine actually," Harry answers, sitting next to Ron. You smile. "I'm sorry Harry," You say. "It's fine," Harry says. "HELLO HELLO HELLO!" you hear two voices say in unison.
  13. Ron groans and you look over to see twins with red hair, and you quickly draw the conclusion that they're Ron's brothers. They look at you and smile. "And you must be the wonderful River," one of the twins say. "Oh, Fred! George! Get lost!" Ron says. The two salute to Ron as they go off. "They're my brothers, sadly," Ron says. You nod. "I can tell."
  14. So, the teachers then instruct you guys to all lay down and that the lights will be shut off in five minuets. You lay down as close as you can to the Gryffindor's and then roll up in your sleeping bag. A Slytherin lays down next to you, but you don't bother to look at them. So, you just stare up at the sky, you see the stars because of the enchanted ceiling, and you feel the eyes of teachers and perfects and head boy and girl looking over the room. "Psst!" you hear someone whisper. "River."
  15. You slowly turn over to the Slytherin who whispered at you and you see Draco. He was the Slytherin who set his stuff besides you. You don't say anything. "Can I talk to you?" he asks. "I thought I was a Mudblood," you spit. "River, you have to understand, I'm not like that," Draco pleads. "You're not?" you ask, not believing him. "No, I'm not. Look, I'm sorry they're treating you like that, and I just want to let you know that- I-I'm sorry, but I have a reputation to hold up."
  16. "Oh really?" you ask sarcastically. "Yes!" he says at a whispering shout. "You don't know what it's like to have a father who hates people of your kind!" You sigh and roll your eyes. "Oh please... My KIND? No, you're not like them at ALL," you say. "River, please, you know I didn't mean it like that," Draco pleaded. "You don't know how many times he calls me pathetic." You stop scorning him. "But, he seems to love you," you say. "That's where the word SEEMS, comes in," Draco says, looking away from you.
  17. "Look," Draco speaks up. "I just want you to forgive me, I'm sorry that they're treating you like that." There's a silence. "Okay," you say. "I forgive you." Draco smiles a little. "Okay, t-" he starts. "Get to bed you two," You hear a perfect say. You quickly turn away from each other.
  18. YOu were going over the talk you had with Draco in your head when you felt something in your side. You pull out the letter from the person you still don't know. You quietly open up the letter and you read it in the dim light. "Dearest River, I have been thinking... I'm sure you're wondering who I am, and I'd think that I'd like to tell you. Meet me tomorrow, near the Forbidden Forest. You don't have school tomorrow, please meet me there. I promise I will not hurt you, you are my best friends child. With love." The letter ends.
  19. You think it though as you put your letter away. He seems trust worthy. but you don't know him. You were fighting with your mind for a few minuets until you made up your mind. You're going to meet him tomorrow.

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