going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 7

Hey guys, I just wanna give a shout out that heres the seventh part, and that I have a poll that you guys really need to take! It has something to do with the story and I really need some advice, I just hope there isn't a tie!

I also wanna give a shout out to Euus, who has taken all my quizzes so far and I really hope you like them!!! THANK YOU EUUS!! Now... what did you let slip?

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. So, the rest of your week went quite well actually, and you hang out with Draco, Pansy, the Golden Trio, and you even caught Cedric and Percy in the hall too.
  2. Finally, it's the weekend that you're going to Hogmeade with Draco, Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle. How are you feeling.
  3. You're walking with Pansy, Draco, and the other two and you're making your way towards Hogmeade, just talking and having fun. "Oh, and that poor Nevile prat," Pansy says. "Remember him in potions."
  4. You tense up at Nevile's name and the insults they're throwing at him. You know that he's a good friend of Harry, Hermione, and Ron and it's stupid that they're talking bad about him. As you walk the clouds darken over your head because your Angelic powers are kicking in. "What do you think River?" Draco asks.
  5. You shrug, not sure how to answer the question. "I-" you start out quietly. "He doesn't deserve to be a Pureblood," Crabbe cuts in. Pansy smirks. "He should be a filthy Mudblood," she says. "What's a Mudblood?" you ask. "Oh no one special," Pansy answers. "Just someone who doesn't have any magical blood in them, like Granger, she's a filthy Mudblood."
  6. Your stomach drops. You remember what Rob and Gala said before you left. You're suppose to be muggle-born. "What's wrong River?" Draco asks. "You look like the Dementors have got you." You shake your head. "You hate muggle-borns?" you ask. "Why? What makes them so different?" They all stop and Pansy gets in front of you and faces you. "Why would YOU care?" she asks, folding her arms. "Don't tell me YOU'RE a MUDBLOOD, are you?" You stiffen. "You are!" Goyle cheers. "YOU'RE A FILTHY MUDBLOOD!"
  7. Pansy shoves your shoulder. "MUDBLOOD!" she shrieks. You push her back. "How DARE you touch me!" she shouts. She makes a cheep shot and punches your stomach. You bend over in pain as they begin to taunt you, but Draco just stands and watches in shock. Finally, you break free of them and then run along the path to Hogmeade. Tears are streaming down your face, blocking your vision. You run into someone and you fall to the ground, causing more pain to shoot though your stomach.
  8. "I'm sorry," you hear a familiar voice say. "River! Are you alright? Why are you crying?" The person helps you back up on your feet and you wipe the tears away from your eyes. You look up to see Cedric Diggory, holding on to your arms to keep you steady. "They found out I'm muggle-born," you cry. "Pansy punched me, they started calling me Mudblood."
  9. "What?" Cedric asks. "Oh, Lord. Come on River, I'll buy you a drink, you were too good for them anyways." Cedric puts his arm around you and then leads you around Hogmeade, some people stared at you and your red eyes, but most people knew that you wanted space. Cedric leads you into a place called the Three Broomsticks where most people stare at you when you come in. "River!" you hear Hermione cry. You look over and you find Ron and Hermione, sitting at a table with glasses of some foaming yellow drink. You and Cedric walk over to them and you sit down. "I'll be right back," Cedric says. Cedric walks away and Hermione and Ron stare at you. "What happened?" they ask. "Are you okay?"
  10. You explain to them what Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Draco did to you and Ron looked like he was going to hunt them down and rip their heads off. "Malfoy was no good anyways," Hermione says. "They call me that all the time." Ron pounds his fist on the table. "But they didn't need to punch her!" he shouts. Cedric quickly comes back and you scoot over so he can sit down. He hands you a drink and you take it. "Thanks," you say. You take a drink and you're filled with warmth that seems to be bubbling from inside your stomach. "Mmm," you say. "What is this?" "Butterbeer," Cedric says as you're taking another sip. You do a horrible spit take at Ron when you hear "Butterbeer." "CEDRIC!" You shout. "THIS HAS ACOHOL IN IT??!!!" Ron is trying to dry off himself from the butterbeer you just spat at him. "River, calm down wont you?" Ron asks. "There's no alcohol in it!" Your cheeks turn red from embarrassment. "Oh," you say. Cedric and Hermione burst out laughing. "Ha, ha," Ron says. "You just didn't get SPAT at." You start laughing too, and soon Ron starts laughing too. "Too good, just too good," Cedric says.
  11. So, you soon forget what Pansy and them did to you not to long ago and finish your drink. After that you all head to the candy shop where Hermione and Ron buy some candy for Harry since his aunt and uncle were jerks and didn't sign his release form. After that you all walk back to Hogwarts, laughing. When you get back Ron and Hermione go off to give the candy to Harry. You turn to Cedric. "I think I'll go up to my room now," you say. "Okay then, and don't mind what they say about you, you're better than them," Cedric says. You smile. "See you tomorrow Cedric."
  12. So, you head back up (Or should I say down?) to your room and you quickly hop on your bed and shut the canopy so Pansy and the other girls wont bug you. And that's when you see a letter on your bed.
  13. You pick it up anyways and then you open it and read it. "Dear River, I'm sorry to hear your first day of school went like that. I am also sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I do hope that your time at school becomes better and if you have any trouble at all, just let me know. Thank you so much for writing back to me, I was afraid your mother's stubbornness was going to kick in and you wouldn't write, but you also have her curiosity. With great love." The letter ends.
  14. You smile to yourself and you decided to write back. You tell him about the fight with Pansy, and then how Cedric was nice enough to buy you a drink and how you spat it at Ron. You're sure you laughed out loud many times and you didn't care if Pansy or Tracy was in there to hear it or not. You fold up the letter, thinking that you'll drop it off tomorrow and you lay on your back.
  15. So, like I said, you let something slip... I guess your days have been up and down, and will it ever get better? We'll see! KIT. (No effect)

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