going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 5

So, here you are, your first day of school. Let's see how your classes go and what people you meet? I'll just say, some of you may be satisfied already

about who you meet. So, are you ready? Go! take the quiz! I'll just keep talking until I have enough words! NATUHLEEGAYLE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. You feel the coldness embrace you... You hear a scream... your scream and you feel yourself fall to the ground... "I will get you," A voice whispers...
  2. You jerk awake, sitting up in your bed. you look around but you only see a green canopy. you drew them closed before you went to bed the night before. You sigh and flop back down on your bed. "It was only a dream," you whisper. You try to go back to sleep but you find that it's pointless so instead you just get up and get dressed.
  3. when you're done dressing the girls are still sleeping. You sigh and look to your trunk and you see a letter.
  4. you decided to pick it up anyway and you opened it up. "Dear River," the letter starts. "I hope your sorting went well. Slytherin I hear? It's quite weird actually, because your mother was in Ravenclaw. I wish you well and I hope you have a good first day of school. Please write back. I would sign this, but I'm afraid you wouldn't write back if I did. Write back, and leave the letter near Gryffindor tower. I send you love." The letter ends.
  5. "What's that?" you hear Pansy ask. You turn your head towards her voice. You fold the letter back up. "A letter from my caretakers," you say with a shrug. Pansy shrugs back as the other girls started to wake up. "First day of school," Tracy states.
  6. So, after breakfast you head back to your room to get your things for your first class. You're roaming the halls, trying to find your first class. People were pushing past you, you were just the lost dead fish in a school of fish. "Whoa, careful there," you hear a voice say. "You lost?"
  7. You turn around to see who the voice belonged to and you see a boy, with light brown hair and blue eyes and pale skin looking down at you. He's about two grades ahead of you. He smiles at you and you step back a little. "Yeah, I need help finding my way to Herboligy," you answer. "Well, you're not going to find it here," he says. "It's outside. Oh, and I'm Cedric Diggory by the way."
  8. So, You walk will with Cedric and make small talk with him until you come outside. "Well, I'll leave you here then," Cedric says. "I hope I can see you again." You smile. "Yeah, you too," you say. So you say goodbye and then you head towards class. Herboligy was okay for you, speaking you hated it enough back home, but the good part was, soon you'd be heading to DADA!
  9. You find yourself in DADA, everyone has their wands out, and everyone is ready to get going. You're sitting next to Hermione since there was no place else to sit and you two are talking before class starts. "I was really surprised when you were put into Slytherin," She states. "Me too," you say. "What did it say?" Hermione asked. "What?" you asked. "You asked it a question almost... what did it say?" she asked again. You sigh. "It-" You were cut off.
  10. "All right," Lupin starts. "Welcome to your first day of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Let's start by standing up and moving these tables." So everyone gets up and moves the desks back. You first notice a dresser at the front of the room, and it shudders every once in a while. Lupin states that there is a Boggart inside the closet/dresser and he states the spell to get rid of it is Riddikulus. "Ah, Nevile, why don't you go first?" Lupin asks.
  11. So, his Boggart turned out to be your head, Professor Snape, but Nevile put him in his grandmothers clothes. Everyone laughs as the Boggart cowards back in fear. A few other people go, and you find out Ron's fear was a spider, a huge spider that had shivers going up your back. "River! You give it a try!" Lupin cheers.
  12. You walk up to it, waiting for the Boggart to turn into your fear, and when it does, everyone falls silent. You've only seen them in pictures. Your parents. Only in pictures. But you're seeing them now. your mum, with a huge slash across her chest, blood on her hands. Your father, a gash across his face, and his face is so bloody you don't hardly recognize it. They're smiling at you. SMILING, at you. your mother holds out a hand. "We will get you," she says. A tear falls down your face as you point your wand at them. "R-Rid-d-d- Riddi-" you can't get the spell out. Lupin quickly steps in front of you, and states the spell faster than it was able to turn to his fear. Lupin turns and faces the class, including you. "That will be all for today."
  13. So... leaving off on a sad note. I know, really sad there, and I really wanted to cry when I wrote this... well, here's the end of my fifth quiz, and I hope you enjoyed it, you were able to meet Cedric Diggory anyway, so win? (No effect)

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