Hogwarts,deadly or lovely?

So this quiz is about Hogwarts your life their and friends and the boys. It might not be good but I tried my best, it's my first and I do not suspect it to be perfect.

I've grown up on Harry Potter and the brand new movies and the marathons. This is a twist on it but still will have basically the same just adding stuff. So have fun taking my quiz.

Created by: katie2061
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  1. This is your first year at hogwarts but your in third year because you went to beubanx for first and second with your friend Sara who is going to hogwarts with you.
  2. You did have one friend already at Hogwarts and she knew basically everything about you from,your favorite ice cream to your bad life with your father........Hermoine
  3. While you wandering on the train to find an open compartment you saw a kid with blond hair bullying other kids so you went over and tapped him on the shoulder and said...
  4. You finally find a compartment with a boy named Neville the same boy who was being bullied.you stuck your hand out and said.Hi my name is _______.how do ya do.after talking to neville for an hour you are so..
  5. You hop off the train and see Hermoine! You scream and run over to her. When seeing you Hermoine screams to."Your finally hear",she exclaims. "Ya I am!". You peer over Hermoine and see two guys staring open mouthed at you. One has red hair, brown eyes and freckles scattered across his face. The other is wearing glasses,has black hair and piercing green eyes. "Hi, nice to meet you my names Harry.". Black hair says. You say "Hi my names _____ and nice to meet you to. You fix your gaze on red head "Hi my names _____, how are you?" He just looked at the Ground. "Don't worry about Ron he's just shy."Stated Hermoine.
  6. You guys all head to the dining hall but you go with the first years because you still have to be sorted. Professor Mcgonigal calls all the people and then it gets to you and Sara ,she gets called before you and gets sorted into Gryffindor all the kids cheer. Then it's your dreadful turn you get up there and stick the sorting hat on your head. He says "Hmmm you could be sorted into slithering because off your father, but you have the smartness and braveness of a Gryffindor." " okay I've decided Gryffindor it is!" He shouts. Everyone cheers and your so happy everyone shakes your hand or pats you on the back with, happy your with us's.*me:sorry if you don't like Gryffindor but if your so unhappy imagine someplace else.*
  7. While you climb up to your comin room and go straight to bed. You dream about tomorrow and all your classes. You hear some one calling your name but they seem so distant. A second later you see Sara and Hermoine standing over you with buckets of water luckily you dodge it at the last second. You scurry off to brush your hair and teeth and go on with the rest of your morning routines. What do you wear?
  8. You were about to be late so you start sprinting and right before the bell rings make it into potions. All and I'm not kidding when I say all heads turned towards you, you blush uncontrolably and find the last open seat next to the kid with blond hair from the train." Hi my names Draco, Draco Malfoy. And sorry about the train." You just ignored him. "Fine. He said. Be that way." He sneered. At the end of class you went to defense against the dark arts with professor lupin it was very interesting and you guys each duled each other. Skipping to the end of the day.
  9. It was time for dinner and Hermoine was calling you when your phone started to ring it was your mom so you told her you would meet her down there she said "All right but don't be to late. You answer the phone to hear your mom panting for breath."_____, she says, I love you with all my heart my darling stay strong, she says." wait mom what's going on? Your father and Voldemort they're both back, you need to get your brothers and sisters with you keep them safe. Remember what I taught you. I love you so much! By now you have tears streaming down your face. Then you whisper I love you to mom.she still heard you. And then the line went dead. You dropped the phone and for a split second it was like the world stopped. Then you ran as fast as you could......To the.
  10. So this was my first quiz so please comment and or rate if you can I would appreciate it. So should I continue I think no I'm positive I will and I hope you guys are good with that. Can't wait for your reviews and can't wait to make more. And to all the Go to quiz people who gave me courage to do this thanks. See ya next time!(hopefully)!:D

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