going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 8

Hey! So, here's the eight quiz! I hope you Harry fans like this one, the Draco fans, maybe not so much... but I promise, something else will make up for it in the ninth part!

I'd go on about the ninth part, but you haven't even taken the eight yet!!! So... everyone bow down (you'll get that later) because here is the eight quiz!!!

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. HHHHEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!! So, this question wont count, but I just wanna give a shout out to Devilsdaughter who has also taken all of my quizzes so far! Thank you for sticking with me!!!
  2. So, the next day you wake up to thankfully find that Pansy and Tracy and Daphne are still asleep. You quickly get dressed and everything else. You grab the letter you wrote to the person last night and then you head out of the Slytherin Common room. You head towards Gryffindor tower while the people are still thin and you set your letter at the window seal again. "Hey," you hear a voice say behind you.
  3. You turn around not to find Percy, but to find Harry. He smiles at you and you smile back. "Uh... How are you feeling, since yesterday? I heard of it, I wanted to talk to you, but you were in your common room and-" he starts, but you cut in. "Harry, I'm fine," you say though a laugh. Harry smiles. "Yeah, sorry about that," Harry says. "How about we head to breakfast?"
  4. You walk with him anyway, making small talk and Harry laughed when you told him that you spat on Ron. You weren't very happy when you found out that you had to go sit at your table. "Don't worry, just yell if you need help," Harry says. "Okay," you say glumly. Harry walks over to the Gryffindor table and you head over to the Slytherin... that is until someone stops you.
  5. You see that it's NOT PANSY, and that it's PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL (just wanted to make sure you know so I put in caps) "Hello Professor," you say. "Hello River, will you please come with me to my office?" You no and you fallow her into her office and you take a seat. "I have received a letter from Rob and Gala, and they're very concerned about you," McGonagall states.
  6. "It appears that you haven't been writing back to them these past few weeks," she goes on. Your stomach drops, you were suppose to write to them, but then again, you haven't been getting any letters. "But I haven't received any," you say. "Have you checked the Owlery?" she asks. "Uh..." you say. "I didn't think so."
  7. "Luckily for you, I have them all here," McGonagall says, while setting twenty five letters on her desk. You look at it. "I suggest that you write back after school," McGonagall says. "I think so too," you agree. So, she shoe's you off and then you set the letters back in your room and you head to your classes.
  8. So, your classes so far are going okay. Of course you have the occasional glares from Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle, but Draco seems to not even want to look at you. Does he hate you that much? You ignore their glares as you head to Care of Magical Creatures and you walk with Harry, Hermione, and Ron. "Don't mind them," Ron says. "They're just prats."
  9. "Yeah," you say, but you can't help but cast worried looks at them. Finally, you come to Hagrids hut, which is where all your Care of Magical Creatures classes are. You're gathered around a huge bird like creature, which you know as a Hippogriff. "His name is Buckbeak," Hagrid states. "Anyone want to ride 'im? Everyone steps back, except for you and Harry, who are the only two who stayed forward. "Well! How about you two both ride 'im?"
  10. Hagrid was in the middle of explaining on how to approach the Hippogriff when Buckbeak slowly walks towards you. "Stay still, stay still," Hagrid says. Buckbeak stops maybe seven feet away from you and bows, all the kids gasp. "Seems he trusts you!" Hagrid says happily. "River, why don't you hop on 'im? 'Arry, you go after River."
  11. You slowly get on Buckbeak as he's bent over for you and you hold on tight to his neck. "Good, very good, now Harry you get on." Harry then gets on behind you and he awkwardly puts his arms around you. "Right then, ready?" Hagrid asks. "Uh... yes?" you say unsure. "Good, off you go then!" The next thing you know you're off in the air.
  12. You're holding on as tight as you can, making sure you don't fall off since there really isn't anything to hold onto any ways. Harry is holding on tightly to you as you're soaring though the air. "WOOO HOOO!" Harry shouts. "River! Isn't this great?" You laugh. "It's wonderful!" you cheer.
  13. Sadly, Buckbeak made his way back towards Hagrids Hut and he landed. Harry got off and then helped you down after. "That was amazing!" you cheer. "Oh, what's so great about it?" Draco speaks up. He steps forward. "Now, now, Draco, I wouldn't do that," Hagrid says. Draco completely ignores Hagrid. Draco walks right up to Buckbeak and he starts freaking out.
  14. "Come here you stupid animal," Draco says. "Draco, you're being st-" you start, but that's when Buckbeak raises up on his back legs and scratches Draco's arm with his front. Hagrid then tries to calm Buckbeak down and you just stand there in shock as Draco lays on the ground. He catches your eyes and you hear laugher coming from the Gryffindor and screams coming from the Slytherin's. He quickly looks away. "Draco..." you whisper.
  15. (No effect) So... yeah... Kind of had fun with Harry, but you watched Draco be attacked so... ??? Not sure how many of you liked this quiz, but in the next quiz, something exciting, yet scary happens, promise!

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