Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 28

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Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. You hear quiet whispering. The soft kind of whispering that wants to make sure you're okay. The soft kind of whispering that wants you to open your eyes, and let the whispering know that you're okay. You slowly open your eyes, and you see about all of your friends. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Blake, even the twins, even Fleur and her littler sister, Gabrielle are by your bed. The only other people you thought would be by your bed is Cedric. "There she is!" Fred cheers. "How are you lovely?" George asks. You smile a little and laugh. You passed out after you said those last words to Cedric at the Second Task. (I'm sure you can imagine who brought you in) The pain in your legs from the creatures who grabbed you went away, and you're feeling wonderful. "I'm fine," you say, sitting up.
  2. "That's our girl," the twins say in unison, which gets everyone to laugh. "So, what happened?" You ask. Everyone begins to explain the whole story. How Hogwarts is still in first, and how Harry "saved" Fleur's sister, and how that earned him extra points for Hogwarts. "That's amazing Harry!" you explain. "It's even more amazing how you survived that fall with only scratches on your legs, right to the back!" Ron says. You feel your back with your hand and you feel something hard. You smile and place your hand back in front of you. You remember your corset, which must have had something to do with it. "Yeah, pretty cool, huh?"
  3. The day after that, during free period, you're walking around, stretching your legs. You hear the whispering of people, and the points, and the rumors about you. Forget the Tournament, you're the talk of the school! You try to ignore their comments, but it's kind of hard when your name is being said though out the whole hall. "Alright! We all know!" a voice shouts. "You don't have to talk about it!" You look around and you see Cedric, shoeing kids along. You smile as he catches your eyes, and he smiles back. He walks over to you as people walk away, whispering. "Thanks," you say softly.
  4. "So, how are you feeling?" Cedric asks. "Fine actually, really well," you answer, having all of your weight on one leg. Cedric nods and smiles. "That's good, so, uh, I wanted to talk about, what you said... before you uh... 'passed out'," Cedric says, using air quotes. You blush, remembering the words you said. "Oh yeah, what about them?" you ask. "Look, I know it was kind of weird for you, at the Yule Ball and all, when I said... You know what... but uh... do you-? Would you-? Haha..." Cedric says, nervously.
  5. "Oh, become a 'thing?'" you ask. Cedric coughs and you feel the heat in your cheeks, and you can see it in his too. "Yeah, uh, that," Cedric says. You cough, not really sure about the words you're going to say. "Oh, I think it's better if... we... stay, friends," you say, trying to say it firmly. Cedric coughs nervously again and nods his head. "Yeah, okay, that's- that's fine, yeah, sure," He says, kind of fast. For some reason something is tugging at your heart, screaming, 'WHY??? WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU? YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID YES!!!' You feel bad now, but you don't want to toy with his emotions. "I'm- I think I'll just... go...?" you say, unsure. Cedric nods. "Yeah, I should get going too," Cedric says. "I'll see you 'round then River."
  6. You feel bad when you walk away, heading to some random place that you don't really know where you're going. You turn a corner and you almost run into someone. "Hey w- oh! River!" you hear Draco say. You smile as you see his blue eyes look into yours. He's alone for what you see, and he's smiling kindly down at you. "How are you?" he asks. You smile back and you lean against the wall. "Fine actually, you?" you ask. He nods. "I'm good." You remember the last time you talked to him. That was at the Yule Ball, and that's when you felt someone's anger, pain, and frustration. "So, I watched you fall at the Second Task," Draco speaks up. You nod and smile a little. "Oh yeah, I seem to be the talk of the school now," you say, which makes him laugh.
  7. "R-River?" you hear someone say your name. You turn and you see a shocked Harry, staring at you. He looks at you, then Draco, and then back at you. "Y-you're with, HIM?" he asks. You look at him and your eyes go wide. "Harry, no it's not what you think," you say. "No, I think it's just what I think," Harry says, walking away. "Harry! Please, wait!" you shout, rushing after him, leaving Draco alone.
  8. You follow him down the hall, saying his name over and over, but he just keeps walking, faster and faster. "Harry!" you shout finally, at the top of your voice. Harry turns around and faces you, anger in his eyes. "How could you!?" he shouts at you. "After everything! I watched you say no to Cedric! Everyone knows that he loves you! And you say no, to hang out with him?!" You look at him, tears gathering up in your eyes. "Harry, it's not what you think," you say, your voice cracking. "Then what is it?" he asks, taking an angry step towards you. "He's not bad Harry," you state. "HE CALLED YOU A MUDBLOOD!" Harry shouts. "HE'S NOT LIKE THEM!" you shout back. "No! He's suppose to be your prince charming because Cedric isn't good enough for you?" Harry shouts. "Harry, n-" you start. "You were put in Slytherin for a reason," Harry says, a little softer, but still firm as a tear streams down your face. "Now I see why."
  9. Months later, you're at the Third Task. You hear the cheer of the people, and the music from the band. You sit there, with Blake, looking down at your hands. You've been the out cast for the past few months. Cedric didn't talk to you, Harry didn't talk, Draco, the only person who would is Blake, and you're not even sure why she believes you. "You have to let that go," Blake says. "They'll come around soon," she says. You look up at her. "When is soon?" you ask. You look away after you look at the stunned look on her face and she doesn't give an answer.
  10. Flash, and you're in a vision again. You see the head stone, and you're finally able to read it, it says "Tom Riddle". Another flash, and there's a green jet of light that goes to a place that you don't know. You hear screaming, and swearing, and though that people laughing. Then, you see the bright stars, shinning down and then another flash, and you see the body, and this time, you know who it is.
  11. You're out of your vision, and you hear the same cheering, and music that you did before. You let out a sharp breath and look up. You see the bright stars, the stars that remind you of your vision. You still see the dead body, burned in your mind. You look at the maze that the champions will have to go though, and for some reason, you feel like you know the way. You look down at your hands, and you slowly take out your wand from you pocket and look up. You understand who you have to save.

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