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Hey! Back for more I see? Okay, this one doesn't have that much of a twist, but it still has a little one, maybe not as much as you hoped but hey. What ever works I guess.

So, what happens in part twenty-three? I'd give you a hint, but that hint would just give it all away!!! So, have fun, and welcome to part twenty-three.

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. A few days later, when you wake up your stomach is still twisting and turning like crazy. You hurry up and get dressed while ignoring the curse words passed at you by Daphne and Pansy. When you walk to breakfast you still remember Ron telling how unfair it was that you get to sit by Viktor Krum and not him. You just laughed at him and said, "there are some perks of being Slytherin." When you get into the eating hall you sit across from Viktor again and he doesn't object. People stare at you two as you quietly eat. "So, did you put your name in?" you whisper quietly. Viktor just nodded. "I hope you get chosen, if that means anything," you say. Viktor smiles just a bit. "You aren't like the other people from your house," he says. "You're not stuck up."
  2. You smile and thank him for his complement. Later that day, you head to DADA for the first time with Professor Moody. You take your spot and you sit next to Blake. You remember your first ever DADA class from last year with Boggarts, and you still can't get the image of your dead parents out of your mind. "There's this girl from Beauxbatons who's kind of stuck up, but can be very nice," Blake says. "Really? What's her name?" you ask. "Some girl named Fleur Delacour," Blake answers. You nod your head. "Sh-" Blake starts, but she's interrupted by Professor Moody. "Curses," he says. "Though, the Ministry says that you kids shouldn't see it until your sixth year, I believe that you can take it. Now, there are three curses, heavily punished by Wizarding Law, and they're named the Unforgivable Curses. Does anyone have any idea what they are." Many hands went up into the air. Moody pointed to Ron. "My dad told me something of the Imperius Curse, or something or that sort," Ron says. Moody nods and then takes out three jars, each containing black spiders.
  3. Moody pointed his wand at one of the spiders and muttered "Imperio," and the spider started to do tricks. Everyone but you and Moody were laughing as the spider was doing back flips and cartwheels and tap dances. "You think it's funny, do you?" Moody asks. He points his wand at the whole class. "So you wouldn't mind if I did it to you then?" he asks. Everyone stopped laughing. "Another illegal curse, perhaps?" he asks.
  4. Hermione lifted her hand into the air, and so did a boy named Neville. Moody pointed to Neville. "There's one called t-the Cruciate Curse..." he says. "Oh... Longbottom," Blake whispers. You look at Blake but she's too busy looking at Neville. "Right you are," he says. He goes over to another spider and then points his wand at it. "Crucio," he whispers. The spider's legs bend in an awkward position and it starts rolling around and jerking. You look down at your hands and you have a flash vision. You see someone bending down, and groaning in pain, and then you're back at class. You look up to see that Moody as stopped. "Pain, you don't have to stab anyone to make anyone feel pain if you know the Cruciatus Curse. Right then, anyone else?" But then he turns to you. He walks towards you but you focus on something behind him. You notice how much your head is hurting. "What's your name?" he asks you. You look up and look at him. "River ______" you answer. "River," he says. "You didn't laugh at the beginning of class, did you?" You shake your head.
  5. "Perhaps you'd like to tell the class what the last curse is? I'm sure you'd know," he says. You think hard. Do you know the last curse? "I-I don't know," you say. Moody turns away from you. "It's people like her, whom I have pity on. Her parents were murdered, and she doesn't know the curse that killed them," Moody says. Everyone looks towards you. "Don't you dare," Moody says, and everyone jumps and looks away. "The last curse, the Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, the worst of them all," Moody says. He takes out another spider and points his wand at it. "Avada Kedavra!" he shouts, but this time it wasn't his voice. Then you see stars. Twinkling stars... You stand up with your hand to your head. "Professor, I don't feel all to well, may I be excused?" you ask. Moody looks at you and nods. "It was end of class anyways."
  6. You rush out of class as soon as the bell rings and you push your way though the crowd. "River!" you hear Blake call after you. "River! Wait!" You ignore her and you push though the crowd, crying. "River," you feel someone stop you. You look up to see Cedric. "Are you-" he starts. "I'm fine, I just have to go to the hospital wing," you say, walking past him. He looks at you as you walk into the hospital wing and then he slowly walks back to his next class. Madam Pomfrey looks at you and her eyes go wide. "Good Lord, girl! What happened to you?" she asks, rushing you to a bed and forcing you to sit down. "Nothing," you say. "Just a head ache." Madam Pomfrey scoffs. "Just a head ache, she says?" she asks herself. "Looks like you just survived the raid at the World Cup!" You wanted to tell her that you did but the pounding in your head made you stop. She gave you something to drink and you drank it. "Now get some rest, you hear?" she orders you.
  7. When you sleep, you dream. You dream of people cheering, like at the World Cup, but the crowd is smaller. They're cheering, and there's music playing, as if there was some huge parade of everyone's favorite singers and Quidditch players. Then, the music stopped, and the cheering turned to screaming... You jerk awake. It's getting dark and you're guessing from the rumbling of your stomach that it's getting around dinner. "Oh, you're awake," Madam Pomfrey says. You smile. "Feeling any better?" she asks. "Yes, actually," you say. "Well, you should get going to dinner then," she says. "They're going to choose champions soon."
  8. You smile and leave the hospital and you head towards the eating hall. When you walk in everyone is buzzing about who should be the Hogwarts Champion and things like that. You walk over to the Slytherin table and you sit across from Viktor. "Excited?" you ask, as you start to pile food onto your plate. He nods. "Missed you at lunch, everyone was talking about you."
  9. You and Viktor hardly talk as you eat. Then, finally, the part of which you've been waiting for, Dumbledore comes up with the Goblet of Fire behind him. Everyone shuts up and looks towards him. "All the names have been put in, and now it's time to choose the champions."
  10. "Now, remember, if you've put your name in here, and you're chosen, there's no backing out, no matter what. Now-" The blue flames of the Goblet turn red, and then a piece of paper flutters out of the goblet. Dumbledore catches it and opens it up. "The champion of Durmstrang," you turn to Viktor and smile a little, but he's watching Dumbledore. "Is... VIKTOR KRUM!" Everyone starts cheering as Viktor makes his way towards the front of the eating hall. He shakes hands with Dumbledore and then he's led into a back room.
  11. Yet again, the flames turn red and another piece of paper flutters gracefully out of the goblet and Dumbledore yet again catches it. "The champion for Beauxbatons is..." Dumbledore starts. "FLEUR DELACOUR!" Everyone starts to cheer and a very pretty blonde girl walks up to Dumbledore and shakes hands with him. She's then led back into the same room as Viktor was. Then, for the last time the flames turn red again and another piece of paper flutters out and Dumbledore catches it. "The Hogwarts champion is, CEDRIC DIGGORY!" You have to fight back the urge to stand up and scream as Cedric walks up. He smiles and turns to your table and he catches your eye. "You okay?" he mouths. You smile and nod as he shakes hands and is led back into the same room as everyone else was. "There we have it! Our th-" Dumbledore is cut off.
  12. The goblet turns red again and another sheet of paper flutters out. Dumbledore takes the paper and looks at it. He looks around and then looks back to the paper. "Harry Potter." No one cheers. You look at Harry as he slowly, and stunnedly, stands up and walks towards Dumbledore. They don't shake hands, and Harry is led back into the room where the other champions are. Seems as there are now four champions.
  13. Okay, this didn't have as much as a twist as you might have hoped, but this part I was fuzzy on. I was just basing it off of the "I'm board as heck," fan fic I wrote one day and I still have on my computer. Hey, but anyways, I hope you liked it and I'll get part 24 out as soon as I can! (No effect) Love ya! KIT.

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