Hogwarts L-O-V-E Part 3

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So, here is Part 3 of Hogwarts L-O-V-E! Hope you enjoy! I recommend taking the first two quizzes, so you won't be too lost! Please comment when you are done and give me ideas!!

In this part, you'll meet whoever gave you the note, AND have some fun with two of everybody's favorite guys!! (*hint hint*) Any suggestions or ideas PLEASE COMMENT IN THE BOX! I would appreciate it so much!

Created by: TheCreativeFox
  1. You slightly choked on a piece of lettuce that went down the wrong tube, but managed to swallow and nervously put the note in your pocket.
  2. You glanced around the hall, but saw no one walking by that could have slipped the note in your pocket- it must have been a Gryffindor.
  3. You decided to go check it out. What do you have to lose? You silently got up from the table and slipped out of the door.
  4. You slipped down to the Whomping Willow and as you did, you felt as someone was watching you. You constantly checked behind you, but nobody was there. You shivered and quickened your pace.
  5. Once you got to the Willow, you sat under a tree, a safe distance away from the violent tree, and waited for the mysterious person to arrive.
  6. "Why hello there, _______!" A voice said from above. You glanced up into the tree, but didn't see anybody. "Hello?" You said a little nervously. "Hold on." The voice said. There was a rustling of leaves before the twins jumped down in front of you. "Fred! George!" You said, sighing with relief. "We weren't expecting anybody, but now that you're here-" One of the twins started. "Want to test out our new invention?" The other finished. You were confused, if the twins weren't expecting anybody, who sent you the note? You shrugged, "Give me your best shot!" The twins grinned, "Hold out you hand!" You lifted up your right hand, a little nervously. Fred reached over and placed a wand in your hand. "A wand?" You asked, holding it delicately between your thumb and index finger. "We demand a duel!" George said, laughing slightly.
  7. "A-A duel?" You asked, "Why can't I use my wand?" "Well, we just want to make it fair...." Fred said, taking out his own wand. "You go first." The twins said together.
  8. You pointed it at them, "Expellarimu-" The wand gave a squeaking noise and turned into a rock. You glanced up at them. "Was it supposed to do that?" "Of course! It's a fake wand! Excellent for duels and more! Only ten galleons!" You raised an eyebrow. "Okay, okay, five-" "That's not what I mean. You should make the wands turn into something more funny- like a-" "________?" Another voice said behind you. You turned. You saw Draco striding across the lawn. "I've been looking all over for you," He said.
  9. You turned to the twins. "I'll catch you guys later," You said, giving them a sweet smile. Fred and George's grins faded. "Oh-" Fred said. "Okay..." George finished. They turned and strolled across the field, heading back to the Great Hall. You turned back to Draco. "Did you get my note?" He asked, checking behind him. "Your note?" You asked, you thought it was from a Gryffindor! "Yeah- I was just wondering... do you wanna take a stool- I mean, stroll, well, like, I mean- A WALK. D-do you wanna take a walk?" Draco stuttered. You gave him a half smile, "Sure."
  10. "So what's up?" You asked, as you kicked a pinecone a little ways. Draco sighed. "Well, I really just needed to get away from Pansy- she was really bugging me... and I just wanted to spend sometime.... with..." He coughed. You pretended not to notice his cheeks turn a little pink.
  11. After a while, you decided to head back. "Well, I think I have to go... see you around?" He nodded slightly. "Well... bye..." You said, giving a wave.
  12. So! Thats Part three! Please: -Comment! (Means a lot! Give me ideas!) -Rate :) -Keep an eye out for Part 4! Thank you so much! Love you all!

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