Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 25

FINALLY I HAVE GOTTEN THIS PART OUT. Honestly it took longer than I thought it would, and you get to find out who you go to the ball with! yay!!! excited?

So, Cedric, Harry, Ron, Draco? Who do you want and who do you get? I'll just say, there was a poll for a reason, but maybe not for what you thought...

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. So, days after the First Task, everyone is walking around the school and one thing is on everyone's mind. The Yule Ball. Everyone is so excited, you even hear Pansy and Draco talk about it like they actually care. You walk around and your stomach twists and turns. Who are you going with, and who'd actually go with you? Questions zoomed though your head every day.
  2. One day, you're out for free period and you decide to go out side in the chilly air. You decide to look for Blake to see if you could find her anywhere. You're walking around and there you see her... with someone else... He a boy about her age with ghostly pale skin and dark black hair. He seems to had made her laugh and Blakes cheeks are heating up. You see both of them come to an agreement and the boy walks away, smiling at her and he waves and Blake does a small wave back. You stand there with your eyes wide open but you quickly wipe the look of shock off of your face and you walk over to her. "Hey," you speak up. Blake does a weird jump and she squeals. She looks over at you and she quickly regains her cool. "Hey River," she says. You lift up an eyebrow at her. "Who... was... that?" you ask slowly. "Oh, him? Ya know, just a guy from my House and all," Blake says, waving her hand at you. You smile and laugh a little and you just stare at her, and she just looks away even more. "He's... uh... My date to the Yule Ball..." she says, kind of embarrassed. You smile and laugh a little. "Congrats," you say. "You managed to get a date better and faster than I could."
  3. Blake smiles and let's out an un-easy laugh. "Well, anyone who doesn't want to go to the Yule Ball with you deserves to be punched in the face," Blake says. You smile and laugh. "I guess that I'll get my date when ever he decides to ask," you say. "Well he better ask soon, or else I'll make someone go with you," Blake says, as the bell rings to let you know to get ready to go to your next class. You walk with her. "So, who was that boy anyways?" you ask. Blake let's out anther un-easy laugh. "His names Leo," Blake answers, looking down at the ground. You smile. "Hmm."
  4. The days are growing closer to the ball, and It's getting close to Christmas. You still havent' found a date and it's becoming quite annoying. You don't know who would want to go with you, and you don't know of anyone who has a crush on you. (Or do you? (; ) One day, it's a weekend, but there's nothing for you to do, so you just walk around with Harry, Ron, and Hermione for a few hours.
  5. "You still need to figure out what the next task is Harry," Hermione says, but Harry seems like he could care less. "And a date to the ball mate," Ron adds. "You don't want to show up there and dance with yourself!" Your stomach starts to turn again. What if you end up like that? "You okay River?" Hermione asks. "You look a little... Worried." You look at her and you try to shake the look of shock off of your face. "Oh yeah uh... just... trying to find out how and when I'm going to get a date to the ball..." you say, kind of drifting off in thought. Hermione gives you a small smile. "Don't worry, he'll ask you sooner or later," Hermione says, as you all come out side.
  6. The three of you then sit down at a bench near some trees. Snow has fallen by now, but you still like to go outside in the snow as it covers everything in a thin sheet of frozen crystals. Your breaths become frozen in the air, slowly rising up until your breaths become as cold as the air and just fades away like a simple memory. "So, who do you want to ask you out?" Ron asks with a devious smile, acting like the twins. You look at him and smile back. "Why would you care?" you ask. He smiles. "Ronald!" Hermione shouts and Ron jumps. "What!?" he says, looking at her. Harry looks about confused as you do as you both stare at the two who seem to be having some sore of telepathic fight. "Uh... What about Christmas, what do you want for Christmas River?" Harry breaks the ice.
  7. So, after that, things become less weird between all of you and you just have a normal conversation between witches and wizards like anyone else would. The only thing that wasn't normal was the twisting and turning in your stomach that was still going. Ron and Hermione were naming off some girls that Harry should go out with, but Harry didn't seem to have any interest in any of them. You think long and hard, and your stomach twists and turns before you say this. "Why don't we go together Harry, as friends?"
  8. Everyone stops and looks at you, but especially Harry. Ron and Hermione look towards Harry, and then back at you, and you can feel the heat in your cheeks. Harry just shakes them away and nods. "Yeah, sure... I don't see why not River," he says. You smile in embarrassment. "Yeah, cool, awesome, uh," you laugh. "Sorry, just thought that you know, I'd help you out since you're a champion and all." Harry nods. "Yeah! Thanks, so I'll meet you in the Entrance Hall on Christmas then."
  9. "Does he like you?" Blake asks you, the next day. "No, I heard that he likes Cho, but Cedric asked her," you answer. "That's a shame, Harry seems like a nice guy," Blake says, while kicking a rock. "Yeah, but... I don't know, he's that kind of guy that's a good friend, but not you know, a boyfriend," you say, with a shrug. Blake nods. "That was nice of you though," she says. You smile. "Thanks. I was just, really nervous, ya know? I didn't want to be someone to show up with out a date," you say. Blake nods, understanding. "Ha, now you just need a dress!"
  10. Hai! Sorry, this quiz I just added for fluff, and I know that in my poll Cedric got the most votes, but- I have something planned. Trust me, if you L-O-V-E Cedric, then you'll love the pall. I'm thinking about making the Yule Ball into... Three parts? I don't know, I'm working it out. The Last Task will also be in parts too cause I have something H-U-G-E planned for it. So, I'm sorry if this isn't what you were expecting, and I know my writing hasn't been top shape, I honestly don't know what's wrong with me! So, the next quiz will be like, part one? of the Yule Ball? Again, not sure If it'll be in parts yet or not, but hey, Yule Ball next and I promise! I'll try to make it, not crappy! Love ya! KIT!

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