going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 4

Hey guys! So, kind of left you off there.... Slytherin huh? and the message from the hat? Never thought you'd get a message from a hat before, especially

a deadly one, huh? so... not sure what else to type here, but yeah........... but hey, Draco's in it Draco fans and you get to meet someone else too.

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. McGonagall takes the hat off of your head and you look around at the tables. A lot of people seem stunned, except for the Slytherin, who are cheering loudly for you to go sit at their table. With shaking knees you walk over to your new house and take a seat next to the only person you recognize: Draco.
  2. Draco smiles at you as the rest of the sorting goes on. "Guess you're Slytherin material after all," he says. A girl with black hair and pale skin. she smiles at you. "I'm Pansy, you're River _____ Right?" Pansy asks you.
  3. "Yeah," you answer. Pansy was going to say something else, but the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore stood up and faced everyone. you looked towards him as the rest of the Slytherin's just talked. "Welcome!" Dumbledore started. "Before we start our feast I have a few words to speak. We will be hosting house to some of the Dementors of Azkaban. They will not hurt you as long as you give them no reason to."
  4. "Also," Dumbledore went on. "your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will now be Professor Lupin, and Rubeus Hagrid will now be your new Care of Magical Creatures Professor." The people from Gryffindor started to clap the loudest, and you even joined in even though you had no idea who it was. "Now! Let the fest begin!"
  5. The table magically fills with platters of food and cups of water and pumpkin juice. You quickly grab food and begin to eat. "So, you were homeschooled?" Pansy asks. "Yeah," you answer. "Why?" Pansy asked.
  6. "Caretakers didn't like the DADA Professors the two first years," you answer. "Don't blame them, they sucked," Draco says. "So, we're going to be roommates then," Pansy says.
  7. "You're not going to go all girly and talk about nail polish are you?" Draco asks. You laugh as Pansy sticks her tongue out at Draco. "Oh," Draco speaks up. "You're going to love our head." You laugh. "Yes, I guess I kind of like you guys with your heads on," you say. The two start laughing at you, and you even manage a smile.
  8. So, you had a pretty good time for the night speaking that you were put into Slytherin-
  9. And at the end of the feast you fallowed Draco and Pansy down in the dungeon to your common room. The room was draped in green and had a roaring fire place. "We'll be up in the common room Draco," Pansy informs him. "Okay," Draco says like she really didn't need her to tell him that. Pansy then leads you into your new room.
  10. When you go in you set your things out and then meet the other girls in the room. Millicent, Tracy, and Daphne. They're nice towards you so far, and you all talk before you head to bed. So far, everything has been weird, yet great for you. You've made some friends, even though you were attacked by a dementor... so I guess it's a win lose.
  11. ^^ Okay, sorry, this quiz wasn't so good, but it'll get better, promise! Okay, I guess that it's all a point of view though, oh and this doesn't count by the way. So, please take part five when it comes out? KIT guys!

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