Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 17

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Heya!! So, sorry this has taken so long, just been kind of busy, but hey, I got it out at least. So, kind of left you off with a cliffhanger there, f

didn't I? Well, I hope you all like it, and I'm sorry... Cedric isn't in it... I know at least one person who is going to be frankly pretty mad at me, but hey, fourth year coming up...

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. You were being dragged down the hole in darkness. "STOP IT!" you shout. Sirius stops and he whimpers. "What was that?" you ask. Sirius barks and he walks down the hole. You shake your head and fallow him. When you reach the end of the hole, you find yourself inside the shrieking shack.
  2. You sit down on an old bed and you look around. Everything's old, run down and dusty, but you find something nice about this place. Sirius goes and trots off, someplace where you can't see him. You look around and take your wand out. There must be a reason why Sirius brought you here.
  3. A few minuets later you hear foot steps coming from the hole You look towards it, and you know that it's Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Blake coming to save you. You wait, and they come bursting in. Blake sees you and she throws your arms around you. "Thank God you're okay," she says. "Guys, just-" you start. "Where is it?" Harry asks heated. "Harry, just wait," you say. Blake let's go of you, and that's when you hear low growling.
  4. Everyone turns to where Sirius is at. He's still in dog form, and he's creeping closer. Then, he slowly forms back into his human form, and when Harry see's him, he flips out his wand. "Harry, no! Please, wait!" you shout. "Wait? Wait! He killed my parents!" Harry shouted at you. "Harry, no, he didn't," you say. "Wh-" Harry starts. That's when Professor Lupin bursts into the room.
  5. "Professor, thank you! We have Sirius!" Harry shouts. But Lupin isn't looking at Harry, he's smiling at Sirius, and they hug each other as old friends. "But-" Harry starts. "But I kept your secret safe!" Hermione shouts. "I never told anyone that you were a werewolf!" You look at Lupin. You never noticed that he was a werewolf. "Look," Lupin says, and that's when he explains the whole story. He explains how his friends turned into angimi, to help him when he was turned, and then how Peter betrayed Harry's parents, and everything of that sort. But that's when Professor Snape comes in.
  6. "Well, well, I thought I could see better of all of you, especially you River. From my own house even!" Snape sneers. "Professor it's not what you think," you say. "Don't talk about stuff that you do not understand!" Snape shouts. He goes and then points his wand at Sirius. "Revenge is sweet," Snape says. You wasted no time, you shout the disarming charm, along with the other kids and Snape goes flying back and hits the wall. You look at Blake. "Next time we should say 'mine' before we disarm our teacher so we wont kill them," Blake says. "Good idea," you say.
  7. "Come on," Lupin says. You look towards him and you notice that Peter is in his human form now, begging at Ron's feet who looks disgusted. "Let's just go," Lupin says. So, Lupin preforms a spell so you could get Snape out, and they drag Peter with them, and you walk though the hole again. "How come you never told us?" Hermione asks, walking behind you. "How would you explain that you're talking to a man who supposedly killed your best friends parents?" you ask. Hermione shrugs. "Good point," she says. "And you were very good at hiding it," Lupin says. "I never knew that you knew." That's when you come out side of the tree. The tree doesn't attack you guys and you walk well out of it's range. It's well dark out now, and the air is cold.
  8. You look at the castle, and the night sky. The stars glinting and there were some clouds in the sky, and soon the clouds moved and the moon was out. "Whoa, full moon out tonight," Blake says, putting her arm around your shoulder. You smile. "The Potion!" Hermione shouts. "HE'S TURNING!" That's when you remember. You turn around and you see Lupin, looking up at the moon. You slowly watch as Lupin turns into a werewolf, and Sirius turns into his dog form. "River, we have to go," Blake says, grabbing your hand. She's trying to pull you towards the castle but you pull against her. "Blake, go get help," you say. "River, no, I'm n-" she starts. "Just go," you say looking back at her. Blake stares at you, long and hard, and then she nods. She lets go of your hand and then runs towards the castle, her red hair flowing behind her.
  9. You run back towards the others and you come up to Ron. "Ron, stay here," you order. "No, I'm not staying here," he says. "You have to watch Snape," you say. "What? Why would I-" he starts. "Ronald," you say sternly. He looks into your eyes and you look sternly into his. "River-" he starts. "Stay. Here," you order. "Be careful," he says. You nod. "I will," you say, and then you turn to where you see Sirius and Lupin fighting each other. You quickly run towards Harry and Hermione. "What do we do?" you ask. You watch them fight, and then you hear Sirius cry out. "LUPIN!" you shout. "PLEASE STOP!" Lupin then turns to you and he growls. "We should run now," you say. You three then turn around and run into the forest.
  10. You're running as fast as you can. "What happened to Peter?" you ask, at a whisper. "He got away," Harry answers. A weight on your heart strikes you and you almost trip. The next thing you know, you hear another howl, and Lupin is no longer chasing you. The three of you stop and catch your breath. "What do you think that was?" you ask. "I have a few guesses," Hermione says. You turn to her. "Oh really?" you ask. Before Harry or Hermione could answer you three hear yelling. It's Sirius, and he's in his human form. "Sirius!" you and Harry shout. You three then run towards Sirius's voice, and you find him, Dementors swarming around him, trying to get close enough to kiss him...
  11. Hermione grabs your hand for only a short second and that's when she falls over, passed out. Harry runs towards Sirius, and you just stand there petrified. You feel the coldness go around you, and all you remember is the sad times in your life, nothing but darkness, and cold, and pain. You hear Harry, trying to say a spell, but the Dementors are making him too weak. You watch as blood from your nose drips down onto your hands and on your clothes. You then see a blinding light coming from across the lake, and you look up to see a stag made of light, walking on the water. The Dementors are slowly going away, and you look over to Harry and Sirius, and you see Sirius's soul, floating in the air, but you watch it slowly go back down into his body. You walk towards Harry, but he falls over, past out too.
  12. You look around. The stag disappears, and it's dark, except for the stars above your head. You walk around in a circle, blood stick to your hand, and blood still coming from your nose, and you don't even know why. But you also didn't even know why you didn't pass out this time around the Dementors. You start to hypervenolate (as in breathing really fast, but I didn't spell it right) and that's when you hear a stick snap behind you. You quickly turn around, still breathing really fast and you see Snape, Ron, and Blake with him, his wand out with the Lumos charm. "Well. Well. Well," he says, adding big long pauses in between words. "What do we have here?"
  13. Okay, so, hey! here's the end of part 17! sorry it's taken me so long. Lots of stuff been going on. So hey, my hands better and hopefully I'll get the quizzes out faster! KIT.

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