Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 18


FOR NEXT YEAR AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO FIND OUT WHAT IT IS!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! Okay. Sorry. Just had to put that in caps. *Laughs out loud*

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. Okay, my stomach is just twisting!!! I don't even know why, but I'm just so excited to write this quiz!!! I'm pretty sure the quiz after this, it will be the end of your third year! I have sooo much planned for your fourth year and I really hope you like it!!! Okay, I'm going to shut up now and get to writing! (no effect)
  2. You look down at the bloody rag in your hands. You're pretty sure you got most of the blood off of your face, but your hands were just a nightmare and the blood just wouldn't come off. You gave up a while ago and you just looked down at your hands. You know how much trouble you're in, and you're just waiting for Dumbledore to come in and say that you're all expelled. "This is stupid!" Blake complains. You look up and you see her on the bed on the other side of the room, her arms crossed. "They're going to kill him!" The corner of your mouth twitches. "We can't act like we didn't see this coming," you say. Ron kicks the side of his bed. "This is all bloody retarted," he says.
  3. You're sitting quietly and that's when Dumbledore comes into the hospital wing. You look up, thinking that he's going to expel you all from school. "I have heard what has happened not just thirty minuets ago," he states. "Sir-" you start, but Dumbledore puts his hand up to stop you. "I am very sorry to hear about your pet friend," he goes on. Then he turns to Hermione. "Miss Granger," he starts. "Three turns should do it, and if so, maybe more than one life may be saved." You lift up an eye brow. "Very well then," he says. "And remember, the doors will be locked at eleven."
  4. "What was that about?" Ron asks. "The time turner," Hermione says. "A time turner?" you ask. "Don't you see?" Hermione asks. "He wants us to go back in time to save Buckbeak, and Sirius!" Your heart lifted and you threw the bloody rag aside and stood up. "Well, what are we waiting for, I'm going," you say. "Me too," Harry says, and Blake and Ron say they're going too. "We can't all go," Hermione says. "If we see ourselves, who knows what will happen. I'm going because I'm the only one who knows how to work it," Hermione says. "And I'm going, he's my godfather," Harry says. "Well I'm going," Ron says. "No," you say. "I need to go. I have to help save him. He knew my parents." It's quiet for a few seconds. "Okay," Ron says. "I'll stay here with Blake." you nod your head and then walk over to Harry and Hermione who put the chain around your neck. Hermione turns the turner three times and to take one last look at Blake before you watch everything go back in time.
  5. It stops and you find yourself in the hospital wing which is completely empty, three hours earlier. "Come on," Hermione says. "And we mustn't be seen." You three then head out of the Hospital wing and you head out side. You three quickly walk towards Hagrid's and you watch as the other you walk into Hagrid's house. "Let's get Buckbeak," you say. "No, not yet, they have to see Buckbeak before we take him, or else they'll think Hagrid set him free," Hermione says. You didn't like it, but you hid behind the huge pumpkins with the two and you wait. Minuets later you see the three men, coming towards the house, but you also notice that no one is leaving. "We're not leaving," you whisper. "I know," Hermione says, and she grabs a rock and throws it though the window, and you hear your own scream as the pot shatters. "Let me try," you say. Hermione hands you a rock, and you also throw it into the house, hitting the other Harry in the head. "That hurt you know," Harry says.
  6. "Sorry," you say. "We're still not leaving," Hermione says. You think back, you were the one that said that you all should leave, but what happened before that? "Thunder," you whisper to yourself. You look up at the sky. It's pretty clear, so you know that it was you who made the thunder, but how? You look back towards the house. "Now," you whisper. Nothing. "Now," you whisper again. Still nothing. "Now," you say out loud, and that's when the thunder roars, just like a lion. "Get back," you say. "We're coming." The two waste no time fallowing you back in towards the forest more, and you watch as the others get behind the pumpkins you were just behind. "We should have brought you cloak, Harry," you whisper. That's when the other Hermione turns around and looks into the forest. You shut up. "What?" "Do you ever get the feeling that someone's watching you?" the other Hermione asks. Then, the other's quickly head up towards the hill. "Okay," Hermione says. "Now let's go."
  7. So you three then head into the pumpkin patch after the three men go inside and when you walk towards Buckbeak he stands up. "Hey Buckbeak," you say softly. Buckbeak then walks towards you, pulling against his chain, breaking it. "Well that was easy," Harry says. "I guess he likes you." You smile at him and you grab Buckbeak's chain. "Hurry, they're coming!" Hermione says at a whispering shout. You pull on Buckbeaks chain and you three head back into the forest. The three men come out of the house and they see that Buckbeak is gone. "Where'd the beast go?" one of the men ask. "He must have, escaped some how," the other says. You smile when you see the happy look on Hagrid's face. The executer then walks over to the pumpkin patch and then in anger, chops a pumpkin in half. "Come on," Harry says. "Let's go."
  8. So, you have Buckbeak walk by your side as you, Harry, and Hermione walk in the forest towards the Whomping Willow. When you get there you see the other you run after the other Ron as the other Ron is running after the other Peter. (Wow, say that ten times fast) You sit down with Harry and Hermione with Buckbeak laying his head on your lap. "He asked me to come live with him," Harry says. "Sirius did?" you ask. "Yeah," Harry answers. "What did you say?" Hermione asks. "Yes," Harry answers. "You'll have to invite me over," you say. Harry laughs. You were about to say something else but you see the others come out of the tree.
  9. You then watch as Lupin turns into his werewolf form and you watch as he and Sirius fight. You also watch as Peter shrinks back down into his rat form which ticks you off frankly that you weren't able to go after him. Shortly after Peter go away, you watch as the other you and the other Harry and Hermione into the forest. "Okay, we should get going," you say. "Wait," Hermione says. "He's going after the other us, and..." She looks over and then howls. "What are you doing?" Harry asks. "Saving us," Hermione answers. You look at her. "Don't you think that Lupin will then come towards US?" you ask.
  10. "Oh right," Hermione says. "We should run now." You nod, and turn around. The three of you then tare through the forest, and you can hear Lupin coming close behind you three. You're running, and you know that if you keep on running from Lupin for too long, you won't be able to save Sirius. "Go!" you shout. "Go! Save Sirius!" The two look at you. "We're not leaving you!" Harry shouts. "Either you leave me, or Sirius dies Harry," you say. Harry thought about it for a while and then he reluctlently said, "okay. Fine." The two quickly turn towards the lake and they run off, and you just keep running strait. You stop and turn around and you see Lupin, running after you, and you knew that your plan worked, except for the fact that you don't know where Buckbeak is...
  11. You take your wand out, ready to fight, but you don't know how you're going to do it really. You wait and he slows down and starts to inch towards you. "Please God," you whisper. "Let us live though this night." Lupin gets up close to you and then starts to tower over you and he howls in your face and he scratches at your stomach and you're knocked back a few feet. When you land on your back, the air is knocked out of you, and you know what happens when you're scratched by a werewolf in full moon. You're turned into one. You look down, but you don't see any blood at all, it's your corset, it turned into complete, solid, silver! You slowly stand back up and look at it, but not for long, because Lupin makes his way towards you again. He howls at you, and this time you yell back, as loud as you can, and he jumps back. You look at him oddly, but then you get the idea. You yell again and he jumps back again. Seconds later, Buckbeak comes flying down and starts to attack Lupin, and Lupin ends up running off. You look at Buckbeak. "There's a good boy," you say.
  12. You quickly remember what you have to do and then you run back to the lake where you're meeting Harry and Hermione. When you get there, you see that they're watching as the other Harry and the other Sirius are almost being kissed by Dementors. "Don't wo- what happened to you?" Harry asks. You look down, you remembered that Lupin scratched you, but now the corset isn't full Silver anymore, in fact, it's not there at all. "Lupin scratched at me, but he missed," you say, kind of confused, wondering where the corset went. You look back over when you hear a scream. You see the other you, standing there, watching Harry and Sirius... "Don't worry," Harry says. "My dad will come." You look at Harry as if he's lost all his marbles. "Harry, you'd dad's dead," you say. "Don't worry," Harry says again, he's going to come. You look back over to the others. "Harry, no one's coming," Hermione says. Harry finally understands. He points his wand at the Dementors. "Expecto, Patonum!" Harry shouts. The next thing you know, you see the bright lit up stag, walking towards the others, chasing off the Dementors. You decide to try the same thing and you raise your wand and do the same thing. Your animal turned out to be a _______ (What ever you want it to be) and you can't believe you didn't notice it the first time. Harry looks at you confused until all the Dementors are chased off. "What?" you ask, as your _____ fades. "Nothing," Harry says. "Let's go."
  13. You nod and then you three manage to all fit on Buckbeak, though it was a tight squeeze, and you held onto Hermione as hard as you can when Buckbeak took off. "Where is he being kept?" you ask. "He's locked in the highest tower!" Harry shouts. You watch as Harry turns Buckbeak and you land on top of the highest tower. "Come on," Hermione says, jumping off Buckbeak. You do the same and you watch as she breaks open the window. Seconds later Sirius's smiling face is at the window. "We've come to save you," you say. He laughs and climbs out the window. "Let's get going, if you three get caught, who knows what the Ministry will do to you," Sirius says. So the four of you hop on even though it was a really, really tight fit and you fly down to the grounds where Sirius drops you off. "I don't think you'll be able to live with me, I'm sorry Harry," Sirius says. Then he turns to you and smiles. "Don't worry River, I'll still write to you." You smile and laugh a little. "Come on!" Hermione shouts at a whisper. "It's almost eleven!" Sirius nods, and then you and Harry say your last goodbyes and then sprint into the castle. You run up to the hospital wing where you see Dumbledore right out side of the door, waiting for you. "Well?"
  14. You three nod. "We did it, we saved both of them," Harry says. You can't help but smile as Dumbledore smiles back at you three. "Well then, I suggest that you three get back in the hospital wing then. Good night." Dumbledore then walks off. You three smile and then you walk into the room, just in time to see the other you go back in time. "But- you- you were-" Ron starts. You three laugh and Blake stands up to hug you. "How it go?" she asks, letting go. You smile. "We saved them."
  15. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!! Sorry, I'm sooo excited for your fourth year though!! OMG!!! (More explanation marks to show you how excited I am) !!!!!!!!!!! I have so much planned, and lots of twists and turn, and it took me forever to write this because I couldn't stop thinking about the fourth year!!! And then I have something planned for the fight year.... and then a buch planned for the sixth year... Yeah, I'm so crazy about it!!!! KIT. (No effect)

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