Going to Hogwarts with a twist Part 16

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Hey, so, here's part sixteen! I hope you like it, but I think it kind of sucked... but oh well, something awesome happens in the very last question,

kind of gave it away. But hey, I heard something about new Harry Potter movies? I think It's suppose to be before Harry Potter was born so it wont have your main favorite characters I guess. Any ways, have fun!

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. It's amazing, how fast Christmas goes. It leaves quicker than you wanted. Everyone has come back. Black, Cedric, everyone. Including Pansy and the other girls, who you weren't happy about. On the first day that everyone has come back (which is a weekend) You spend the day with Blake. "Oh it was wonderful," Blake says. "Christmas presents, Christmas dinner, I'll have to invite you next year!" You smile and laugh as you play with the charm bracelet she gave you.
  2. "That would be awesome," you say. You feel someone else sit on your other side and they put your arm around you. "How was Christmas?" Cedric asks you. You smile at him. "It was pretty good," you say. You could still feel the corset under your shirt. "It would have been more awesome if I were there," Blake says. You laugh.
  3. Sadly, the weekend drew to an end and school was back. You're walking through the halls to your next class when you catch up with Harry, who seems pretty mad. "What's wrong?" you ask. "It's Professor Trelawney," Ron speaks up. "Saying the "grim" is going to get him. Went into a trance and everything." Ron rolls his eyes. "That and the thing with Buckbeak," Ron adds. "What about Buckbeak?" you ask. "You didn't hear?" Ron asks. "Malfoy's got him sentenced to death! We're visiting Hagrid before they kill him today after school."
  4. The news was sad, and you decided to go with them, and you thought that you'd invite Blake with you too. Classes were over, and you, the trio, and Blake walked to Hagrids house. You could see Buckbeak in the pumpkin patch. He sees you as you near and he stands up, but he can't walk towards you because he's chained. You look at him sadly and he slowly walks away. "This is stupid," Blake says. "And unjust," you add. You knock on Hagrids door and he sadly lets you in.
  5. "I'm sorry Hagrid," you say softly. Hagrid nods and smiles a little. "Than ye all fir comin'," he says. "Means olot to me. Ye kids comin' to visit me." You all smile as you sit down. You kindly pass the cookies and tea he offers you. "Oh, Ron," Hagrid says. "I found someone for you." Hagrid then walks over to some sort of pot and pulls out a rat. "Scabbers!" Ron shouts. "You have a pet rat?" Blake asks. "Oi, he's not all that bad," Ron says.
  6. The next thing you know you hear Hermione scream because a pot broke. "What the heck?" Blake asks. "I don't know, it just, broke," Hermione says. You shrug as you begin to talk more. "They'll be here to-" Hagrid starts. "OW!" Harry shouts, while grabbing the back of his head. "What was that!"
  7. You all shrug and you all go back to talking. You were just about to say something, when thunder cracks over your head. You look out side but the others seemed unfazed by the thunder. You think it's weird that thunder sounded, because it's practically clear outside... "Hey guys," you say. "I think we should leave." You see three figures, slowly coming towards the house from a distance. "Like, now, people are coming," you say.
  8. "Yes, River's right," Hagrid says. "You all better be gettin' on then, before they see yer." You all nod and say goodbye to Hagrid, and you rush out the back door and hid in some trees near the house. "This is exciting," Blake says. You smile and you force yourself to hold back a laugh. You watch as the three men talk to Hagrid. You see the executer, who's holding a huge ax and all the happiness from a new seconds ago fades away into darkness. "What?" you hear Harry ask. You look over to see Hermione, looking into the forest. "Do you ever get the feeling that you're being watched?" she asks. "What?" Ron asks. "Never mind," Hermione says. "Let's just go before they see us."
  9. You all then sneak back towards the castle, careful not to get caught and you stop at the top of the hill. You then watch the field, and you see the executer go over to Buckbeak. You're not sure if you want to watch, and the sky all of a sudden becomes cloudy. A drop of rain hits your face. Hermione hides her face into Ron's shoulder and you grab Harry's and Blake's hand. The ax falls and you quickly look away. "Goodbye," you whisper.
  10. "Come on," Blake says. The emotion in her voice is hard to read, she's sad, and yet mad too. "Let's go." You let go of Harry's and Blake's hand and you five turn around and head back to school. You try to make yourself feel better, so the wind wont pick up, and so far it's working pretty good. "OW!" Ron shouts. "HE BIT ME!"
  11. The next thing you know, Ron is chasing after his rat, Scabbers. He's heading towards the Womping Willow and you chase after him. "Ron!" you shout. "It's a rat! just find a new one!" Ron doesn't pay attention. You watch as Scabbers runs towards the tree and escapes down the hole, Ron and you both stop. "See," you say. "There's no way you're going after him, and you're still going to live. Just find a new pet." "But he's been in the family for years!" Ron complains. "Well, looks like you're goin-" you start.
  12. You're swiped off of your feet and you noticed that you're being dragged by a large black dog. You scream, and you hear everyone screaming after you. But you notice one thing, the big black dog is Sirius. "What are you doing!?" you shout. You're dragged towards the Womping Willow and you're pulled into the same hole that Scabbers went into, and the last thing you hear is these words from Blake: "How are we going to save River?"
  13. Hey... Sorry it took like two days... And I'm also sorry, this one sucked... But hey, turn of the tables. So, I'll try and get the Seventeenth part out, and you're heading into your fouth year soon... Cedric Fans. Harry Fans, get ready... Okay, so I decided to make you be taken instead of Ron last minuet, so the results are going to be off and I can't change them. I'm sorry. I'll try to plan better next time. I'm just lost in my head.(No effect)

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