Going to Hogwarts with a twist (Second Task) part 27

Hi! So! Here's the Second Task, what will happen? If you love Cedric Diggory, then You're going to love this quiz! If you don't then... I'm sorry.

So, what happens to you? Are you prepared to find out?! Well, you better be!!!! BECAUSE HE IS THE SECOND TASK!!!!! AND I STILL NEED MORE WORDS TO TYPE HERE!!!

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. Okay, so this question doesn't count, but, I feel like I'm rushing the quizzes, so if it seems like to you that I am, I'm sorry. I just don't really know what to add for fluff quizzes like I did for the first task and the ball. But I now feel better so hopefully I'll be getting the quizzes out sooner!
  2. Coldness wraps its arms around you. As if welcoming you home after a long trip, though, you know that this isn't home. You can't breathe, and you feel helpless, shocked, and you're not going any where. Your hands reach out, trying to grab onto something, but to what? Finally, something warm holds onto you, and that's when you wake up.
  3. You sit up and look around only to see that your canopy is blocking your way. You sigh and open it up to find that the dorm is empty. You're guessing that you must have slept in later because of your dream. But you smile to yourself when you realize what day it is. "The Second Task," you whisper to your self, as you hop out of bed.
  4. You get dressed quickly. You want to rush time, you want to hurry to see if Hogwarts stays in the lead or not. You just can't wait! You hurry and rush towards the Great Hall to eat, and people at the Slytherin table are surprised to see that you're taking their threats very well. You quickly eat the wonderful meal while trying to making small talk with Viktor, wishing him good luck and all. He kindly excepts your luck as you walk away and head towards the Black Lake, where the Second Task is to take place.
  5. Blake catches up to you so you both walk towards the boats and hop on as you head out deep into the Black Lake. "So, we're in first, hopefully we stay that way," Blake says. You smile and nod. "Yeah, I hope so too. Hey, where's Leo?" "Oh, uh, we broke up," Blake answers. You look at her and cock your head as you come closer to this huge dock. "Why?" you ask. "Well, he was funny, cute, and nice and all, but... I guess he was TOO much funny, cute, and nice," Blake answers. You nod your head, not pushing on.
  6. Finally, you're on the weird dock that's high above the water. Blake explains to you that she's going to find a spot for you and her and you say that you're going to wish luck to Harry. You finally find Harry not too long later and you walk up to him, where professor Moody is standing next to him. "Hello Professor," you greet him. "Morning young River," Moody says back. Harry looks at you and smile, and you smile back. "Good luck Harry," you say. Harry smiles and nods. "Thanks... I finally cracked the code to the egg, well, thanks to Cedric I did," Harry informs you. You smile, and you were about to say something, when you notice that Harry isn't looking at you, he's looking at something, or someone, behind you. You turn around and you see the one and only Cedric Diggory, keeping his distance and smiling down at you. "Hi Harry, River," he says.
  7. You look at Cedric, not knowing what to say at first. You haven't talked to him as friends since the ball, which was very awkward for both of you when he told him that he had a crush on you. You clear your throat and pat down your hair quickly and then cross your arms since you're in the cold February air. "H-Hey Cedric," you stutter stupidly. Cedric smiles and scratches the back of his head. "Hey River... uh... can I talk to you, for a second?" Cedric asks, just about as stupidly as you did. "Oh, uh, yeah, sure I guess," you say, as you walk away with Cedric.
  8. Cedric stops once you two get towards a place where hardly anyone is at. "So...?" you ask. "I just wanted to talk about what happened at the ball, and that stuff," Cedric starts. You're cheeks heat up a little and you shift your weight. "Oh, yeah, the ball," you say. "I just don't want anything to come in between us or something," Cedric says. "Either do I," you say. "We can just be friends, if you want, we don't have to, you know, I-" Cedric starts to stutter. The question lingers in your head, do you want to be something more than friends?
  9. You were about to give your answer. Weither it was a yes or no, it didn't matter anyways. Professor Moody caught sight of Cedric and then dragged him over to where he was suppose to be. "We've no time for girlfriends Diggory!" he says. Cedric casts a look at you. "I'm sorry River!" he says. "Good luck Cedric!" you call back.
  10. You walk over towards the edge of the dock as the Task begins and all of the champions jump in the water. Harry had a little trouble at first with what ever he was using to breathe under water, but he finally made it under. You look at the dark water, waiting for anyone to come up, when you remember that Blake went to go find a seat for you and her. You mentally slap your self and turn around, but when you do, you can't take another step.
  12. You're having another vision. It wasn't of your dream this morning, it's the one with the green light, and the head stone. This time, you hear crying, screaming, swearing. You hear people laughing at something, and you feel pure anger. Then, all of that starts to fade away after you get a glimpse of the stars again and you hear someone over the speaker shout that Cedric is the first one to come up. And that's when you feel coldness, and you can't breathe or see, and you feel a sharp pain in your back.
  13. Finally, you're able to open up your eyes and you see that your eyes are blurred, because you're under water. You feel sharp things at your feel, tearing and you look down to see that the water is tinted pink with your blood. You try to swim up but they just keep on pulling you lower and lower, and you can't do anything, and you're running out of breath. That's when you pass out because of the lack of air.
  14. Warmth wraps its arms around you. You're slowly being pulled up after a bright light blasts into the water. Finally, the cold air hits your skin, and that's what wakes you up, and you're now gasping for the fresh air that's all around you. You look at the person who's holding you and you see a boy, soaking wet, in a yellow uniform. Cedric saved you. "River, are you alright! I saw you falling, and I didn't know what happened to you!" Cedric says worried. You look at him and you hold on tight to him. He's the only thing keeping you warm right now. "I'm o-okay now," you shiver. "Are you sure? River, come on, we have to get you to the dock to get you warm," Cedric says, as he swims over to the dock where they lift both of you up. You still hold on to Cedric's hand as the teachers back everyone else up as Madam Pomfrey makes sure you're okay. You back hurts really bad since that was the thing that took the weight of impact, and you're still shivering cold, even though they have a million blankets on you. "River, are you sure you're all right?" Cedric asks, bending in front of you. You still haven't let him go, but he's still holding onto you. You shake your head no. "No," you say. "I'm not sure." Cedric moves closer to you, which makes Madam Pomfrey kind of mad. "Just," you start. "Just what?" Cedric asks. This time, you look up and stare into his eyes. "Just don't let me go."
  15. HAI! How are you all doing my lovlies!? So, I hope you liked the end of the quiz you Cedric lovers! I got this quiz out WWWAAAYYY faster than I thought. But now I'm hungry, so I'm going to go get something to eat. The end of your fourth year is ending soon. The Third Task is dawning (but no on the next quiz I don't think haha) STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU NEXT! love ya all! KIT.

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