Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 30

PART THIRTY!!! YAYA!!!!!! hahaha, are you ready to see what happens? Do you die? Or do you live? I don't know, I confuse myself with the story line.

So, hahaha! Take the quiz and Finds out what happens to you!!! I STILL NEED MORE WORDS!!!! BLAH!!! JIBBERISH!!! Ug... I hate these word thingy migigis. (Wow I so spelt that wrong)

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. Right then, before we move on to this hopefully wonderful quiz, to go with this quiz, a song if you want to, I hope the URL works. http ://www .yout ube. com/ watch?v=CphJw8MFImA Just take out the spaces. I think it would go well with the quiz for the dark setting it has. I might start doing that from now on. If the URL is being a butt and didn't work, look up "Dumbledore's Farewell," on You Tube. and Just keep starting it ovwer and over again.
  2. It's as if you're watching everything from the side lines, as if you're a ghost, waiting to go beyond death. You watch as Cedric tries to get the Death Eater off of him, as tears stream down Blake's face, as Harry screams and yells and swears at everyone. "Oh, she was just something I needed to get off of my plate," Voldemort says, talking about you as if you were just some stupid flee he needed to get rid of. "SHE WAS BETTER THAN YOU EVER WERE!!!" Cedric shouts at the top of his voice. Voldemort looks over to Cedric and laughs a horrid laugh. "Oh you dear boy, she could have become something better than me, but in _____'s case, I think it's a little too late. I never let Death take me," Voldemort says, walking over to him. "She was pure," Cedric threw back. Voldemort laughs again and bends down to Cedric. "Pureness doesn't get her what she wants," he shot back.
  3. A Death Eater walks over to your body, and you just watch in your weird inbetween form as he takes his mask off. Lucius Malfoy stands above your body, bending down and moving your face side to side. "DON'T TOUCH HER!" Harry shouts. Lucius looks up and smiles in an evil way. He looks to Voldemort and stands up. "This shall get Draco's head straight," he states. "Ah yes... your boy receive feelings for the girl, yes..." Voldemort says.
  4. Everyone is stunned, even you. Draco had feelings for you? And of course you think you're dead, so you think it's too late. Voldemort then turns to Harry, and then says that he wants to kill him, but by dueling. The two begin dueling while Cedric and Blake are still being held down. You don't know how they're going to win this one. Blake is still looking at your body, crying, and Cedric looks like he's thinking of a plan, while looking at your body for extra anger. Finally Cedric flips over, making the Death Eater lose balance and fall on the ground. Cedric picks up his wand and then throws a silent spell at him. He knocks the Death Eater away from Blake and she takes her wand, joining Cedric.
  5. A fight rages on between Cedric, Blake, and the Death Eaters. Your spirit walks around, watching the fight, wanting to help, but you think you're dead, so you can't do anything about it. You look away from the fight and walk over to your body, looking down at your self. You look peaceful. Your eyes looking up at the stars your hair around your shoulders (If you have long hair anyways) and your wand hanging loosely in your hand. You look up and you see that Harry is running towards Cedric, Blake, and your body. You look down to see that Cedric is holding onto your body, along with Blake, and Harry is holding onto Cedric and he does a spell on the Tri-Wizard Cup, making it go towards him. He catches it and suddenly, you're back at the cheering stands at the Quidditch field.
  6. The music stops, the cheering stops. Everything just stops. Everyone looks at the crying Blake, who is curled up in a ball, trying to stop crying. Everyone looks at the beat up Harry, who walks around aimlessly, not knowing what to do really. Cedric still is holding onto your body, looking down at you, holding you close to him. "What happened?" Snape asks heated, rushing over to you all. "She had dreams..." Cedric said, tears gathering up in his eyes. "SHe had dreams that she had to save us from this, but in the end... she died." Amos rushes over to you and the group. "My son, are you alright?" he asks, but Cedric doesn't answer. "The last thing she remembers of me is the cold shoulder I gave her..." Cedric whispers. Harry puts his hands on the top of his head and walks around in rings, blaming himself for everything. "He killed her, he's back," Harry says. Dumbledore rushes over to Harry. "Who? WHo killed her?" he asks. "Voldemort," he answers.
  7. "Come, we must get River to the Hospital wing," Dumbledore says. "Her name isn't River," Cedric speaks up, picking your body up. "It's _______." Dumbledore looks at them. "Yes... yes... come," he says, as he leads Cedric, Harry, and Blake back towards the castle. Once they get into the castle, Harry is taken away by Professor Moody, but Cedric and Blake go into the Hospital. Cedric sets your body down on one of the beds and collapses on another. Madam Pomfrey checks your body, but she says that you're dead. No pulse, no breathing. Nothing. "I'm dearly sorry," she says, as Amos sits next to Cedric. "Son, are you alright?" Amos asks. Cedric shakes his head. "No, not anymore," he answers. Amos puts his arm around Cedric and pulls him close. "I'm sorry this had to happen to you son," he says.
  8. You look at your body. Snape is standing right at your bed side, looking at you. He's whispering something you cant hear, and he looks angry with himself. He takes one last look at you and the he flees the room. "She was more than just a person I liked dad," You hear Cedric speak up. "She was pure. She was perfect. She made me laugh, and she was more than just some girl I liked..." Cedric looks to his father. "What's an Angelic?" Amos's eyes go wide. "Why would you ask?" he asks. "They said she was an Angelic. What's an Angelic?" Cedric demands, and you see that his eyes are red. So Amos explains what an Angelic is, Blake hearing it too, and when he's done they look at your body. "She was special," Amos says.
  9. Those were the last words you remember before everything goes black. You're dreaming again. Of everything that happened. But this time, Cedric, Blake, and Harry died. Voldemort won, and the whole school was up in flames...
  10. You eyes fly open. You stare at a white sheet that's sitting right on top of your face. You pull it off of you and sit up and look around. It's day time now, and the Hospital Wing is empty. You get off of the bed and look down to see that you're dressed in a white dress. You look around and you can't find your wand any where, and you don't know what's going on. You thought you were dead, but you walked around as a spirit. You look around and you find the door and you decide to walk out of the wing, only to find that hall is empty. You walk along, your heart rate speeding up, and you don't know what's going on. You're suppose to be dead. You walk around, not knowing what you're going to do. Who's here? You make it to the Entrance Hall and you walk out the doors. The light blinds you when you get outside. Once your eyes adjust you see all the kids out side. They're laying around, talking, having fun. You look around and you begin to walk. You want to see if you can find anyone you know, anyone who can tell you what's going on.
  11. "Who's that?" you hear Ron say behind you. "And why is she dressed like that?" You quickly turn around and you see Harry, Ron, Blake, and Hermione, standing there. The look on their face are shocked. They stutter as they look at you. You smile and then rush to them and hug Blake. You both cry as you cling on to each other. "How is this possible?" Hermione asks.
  12. News travels fast. By the time you were dressed in casual clothes, your hair was brushed, and you actually had a smile on your face, Cedric was bursting though the door. He rushes over to you and stops about six feet away from you. "You're uh... Back from the dead, I see," Cedric says. You smile and laugh a little. "I don't think she was EVER dead," Blake speaks up. "H-h-how is this even possible?" Cedric asks you. "Must have something to do with the fact that I'm Angelic?" you say, unsure. "Why didn't you tell us before?" Harry speaks up. You look at him. "I was told not to. Rob and Gala told me not to because-" you stop and think for a second. "I don't know why..." Hermione coughs. "So, are you full, or, half or... what?" she asks. "Nine tenths," you answer, sitting down as Cedric sits next to you. Hermione nods. "What you did was brave," Harry says. You look at him and smile. "Now you really ARE the talk of the school," Ron says. "It's not every day someone comes back from the dead." You smile and laugh at Ron. "I guess you're our angel now," Cedric says. You look at him and smile. "According to your dad, I'm special," you say. Blake and Cedric look at you weird since they where the one's actually there. "You never really were dead, where you?" Cedric asked. You look at you hands and smile. "I'll never leave any of you."
  13. Okay... This quiz was weird... I'll admit that... but hey, I'm almost on the fifth year, and sorry for making you wait until your fifth year to find out about why you're not dead. ;) I do that. But hey, this is like the longest quiz I think I've ever made so... yay? I'm not sure, I feel like making a shout out quiz so you know. So, BYE!!! for now! Love ya! KIT.

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