The Rose of Hogwarts [Part 5]

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Last quiz, we left off with a sort of cliffhanger! But now, we get to delve more into what house you got put in, and we get to prepare you for you classes tomorrow!

I would also like to explain that GTQ Guy has made these quizzes a little bit more difficult to create. There are now word caps on questions, so I'm not able to write as much as I'd like to. So if the questions are a little odd, it's because I had to do weird editing!

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. Hufflepuff? This word echos endlessly inside your head only to be interrupted by the cheering of students. Looking around you, you saw an entire table stand, all screaming and clapping, seemingly for you. Figuring that was the table you were supposed to go you, you made your way off of the stool and quickly went to join the others in your new house. Once you approached the table, many students began to pat you on your shoulders, giving you congratulations and even welcoming you. You couldn't help but smile and even laugh at everyone around you. None of their faces seemed familiar to you, yet you still felt almost immediately at home.
  2. Each name that was announced brought more thunderous applause and cheering from almost everyone within the hall. However, the more you watched everyone else's reactions, the more you realized there seemed to be... bad blood between some of the houses. Some Slytherin's seemed to dislike almost everyone sorted into any house other than their own, and some Gryffindor's seemed to share the same sentiment when it came to anyone being sorted into Slytherin. Almost everyone in Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw seemed to cheer for everyone equally, despite what house they were sorted into, but of course, saving the loudest cheering for their own new members.
  3. Name by name, the number of first year students began to get thinner and thinner, and soon there was no one left at the front of the hall except for Professor McGonagall. She neatly rolled up the parchment that had every student's name on it, and made her way back to the teachers table, the applause from the last student accompanying her back to her seat. Then, another wizard made his way from behind the teacher's table to head to a podium. He had a long, white beard, with bluish-grey robes to accompany it. Half moon glasses sat on his nose, and there seemed to be a slight twinkle in his eyes. It had to be Professor Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Esme had told you many stories about him from when she was in school. From what you understood, he was a very curious man.
  4. "Welcome, students," his voice boomed throughout the Great Hall, "to another wonderful year at Hogwarts." Despite the speech being made, the energy around you seemed a little... off. Though you couldn't make out anything in specific, you couldn't help but shake off the feeling of loud chatter going on around you, and it seemed to be clouding your attention. About halfway through Professor Dumbledore's speech, you realized how distracted you had gotten, and you did your best to shake this feeling off and turn your attention back to what was going on around you. "Next, I would like you all to give a warm welcome to Professor Remus Lupin, your new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor," Professor Dumbledore said, gesturing to the table behind him.
  5. A smile tugged at the corners of your lips as you clapped your hands for Professor Lupin. He gently stood up from his seat, offering everyone a slight bow, recognizing his new prestigious position. The applause quickly died down, and Professor Dumbledore took a moment to pause and gaze around the room. Something about his composure seemed to change drastically, and you could sense that something important was about to be stated. "Now, students," he started, "I'm sure many of you are aware of the escaped convict, Sirius Black. He is a very dangerous man, capable of committing terrible acts. Because of that, creatures called dementors, who normally guard at the Azkaban Prison, will be hosted here at Hogwarts until he is apprehended."
  6. A low murmur erupted from the Great Hall. You caught sight of students leaning over to one another, expressing concerns in hushed voices. Hufflepuff was included in this too, as you caught sight of your own housemates whispering to one another just like the other tables. Looking across from you, you saw two boys whispering to one another, but they kept their conversation short, and you saw one of the boys look up at you. Not wanting to be rude and stare, you quickly turned your attention back to Professor Dumbledore. "With that said, I want you all to know that there is nothing to be afraid of. The dementors are here for Sirius Black, and him only. However, they will not discriminate. Should you come in contact with Sirius Black, it is best if you leave immediately, as dementors will not be afraid to harm you if you get in their way."
  7. You gulped. They wouldn't harm you? Either he was lying, or just terribly mistaken. The train ride to Hogwarts had already proven that these creatures would attack, even if unprovoked. Harry had learned that the hard way. "Nevertheless," he continued, "this will be a bountiful year at Hogwarts! Keep to your studies, and most importantly, eat up!" In a sudden change of pace, food magically appeared on the platters in front of you. Everything had been cooked, from turkey, to ham, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob; it was a huge banquet, and with the food came the chatter.
  8. Everyone around you began to reach across the table, grabbing bits of various types of food. A bit of panic settled over you as you watched the platters get emptier and emptier by the second, but right when it seemed like the food was about to run out, more filled its spot, in the same magical way it had appeared before. "Not hungry?" a voice spoke up. Looking up, you saw a boy sitting across from you, the same one you had awkwardly made eye contact with moments before. You looked around at everyone's plates. It seemed as if everyone around you had already gathered up a decent amount of food to put on their plates; everyone except for you. An awkward laugh escaped your throat as you looked back up at the boy. "Oh, no, I'm hungry," you stumbled, "I just didn't want to get in anyone's way."
  9. "In the way?" the boy repeated. "You can't be in the way when you're with family! Here, hand me your plate. Sometimes you have to be a little... assertive." Immediately your hands shot up as if to say no, but it was too late. Your plate was already out of its spot, and the boy was leaning over putting various types of food on it. "You're not allergic to anything, are you?" he asked, putting a moderate spoonful of mashed potatoes on your plate. "Uh, no," you responded. "Good," the boy smiled, finishing off your plate of food and gently setting it back in front of you. "There you are!"
  10. Though you obviously couldn't see yourself, you knew all your blood had rushed to your face. You couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed that this boy had to help you get your own food. A part of you wanted to run out of the hall in your humiliation, yet you knew that was an overreaction. "Thank you," you smiled. The boy settled himself down into the bench more, nodding to you. "Of course! My name is Cedric, by the way. Cedric Diggory. I'm one of the Prefects for Hufflepuff." Prefect? Now that rung a bell. There was a very distinct conversation you remembered having with Esme about Prefects, and how they were great students to make friends with. They were basically in charge of helping out students, and keeping everything in order. In some cases, they could even hand out penalties when it came to house points.
  11. "____ ____," you greeted back, hoping your blushing had gone away by that point. "____," Cedric repeated with a smile. "Well, welcome to Hufflepuff house!" You couldn't help it. A giggle erupted from your throat and you took a quick glance at everyone around you before thanking him for the welcome. "I guess out of every house to be sorted into, the one that values friendship was just what I needed moving into a new school and all," you chuckled as you began to pick at the food on your plate. It was daunting trying to figure out what to start with. The amount Cedric had put on your plate was perhaps the most occupying thought in your mind. Did he really think you could eat all that food with your stomach churning the way it was? "Did you attend another school before Hogwarts?" Cedric spoke up.
  12. "Oh, uh, not entirely," you stuttered. "I was schooled at home for awhile, so I'm entering Hogwarts as a third year." Cedric's eyes widened as you mentioned that, and you noticed that he seemed to chew his food faster as to clear his mouth quicker. "You were schooled at home?" he repeated. "How did you ever work that out with the Ministry?" Here it was again, you having to explain that story for yet a second time that night. But really, you didn't mind it all too much. It was refreshing to see how genuinely curious people were. "It wasn't easy. Lots of hearings. Even after I got cleared we would still get the occasional owl saying I would be barred from going to Hogwarts for my use of underage magic, to which we would have to get repealed at yet another hearing." You paused for a moment to read Cedric's face. It was obvious what he was thinking 'wouldn't it have been easier to just attend Hogwarts?' Not wanting him to waste his breath, you jumped in with the explanation. "It would have been easier to attend Hogwarts, but my caretaker didn't trust some of the professors teaching here."
  13. "Let me guess, it was because our Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors these last two years, wasn't it? Professor Quirrell was a scared buffoon and Professor Lockhart was too caught up in his own fame to actually care to teach us anything that he didn't think would make himself seem more impressive," Cedric shook his head. "But my father says Professor Lupin is actually competent. It makes me actually excited to learn more this year." It was hard for you to figure out exactly why, but Cedric explaining that only made you excited as well. It was nice to hear confirmation from someone else about Professor Lupin, not that you didn't trust Esme. "That's what Esme said! They used to be good friends when they were younger, apparently. I've only heard good things about Professor Lupin, and I'm excited to learn this subject in a class that has more access to better physical ways to teach."
  14. A span of silence stretched between the two of you, and at first you were confused why, but then you quickly caught on. Esme. He didn't know her. Really, Cedric didn't know all that much about you, and you speaking as if he did was only going to confuse him more. Deciding not to leave things open to awkward conversation, you decided to change the subject, which then sparked conversation that lasted for the rest of dinner.
  15. Before you knew it, it was already getting late, and Cedric was having to direct the first years out of the Great Hall to head to the common room for bed. "Come on, follow me," Cedric offered, "you won't be able to find the dormitories without guidance." You followed Cedric out of the Great Hall, accompanied by most of the rest of Hufflepuff. As you made your way through the door, you caught sight of Ron, Harry, and Hermione, who were heading a different direction from you. Before they were out of site, you gave them a quick wave, to which the three of them returned. You, along with the rest of the group, were lead down a set of stairs, going deep into the ground. The air seemed to grow colder with each step you took, until you came to a dimly lit hallway. Cedric lead the group over to a few barrels, sitting in a group. These barrels were larger than normal barrels, but Cedric pointed to one specific barrel.
  16. "These barrels are the key to entering the Hufflepuff common room, which will get you to your dormitory. You must knock on this barrel, and this barrel only, to the tune of Helga Hufflepuff. This is very important! If you knock the wrong number of times, or knock on the wrong barrel, vinegar will sprout and douse you, as a sort of protective measure," Cedric explained, gaining a gasp from the children. With that said, Cedric knocked on the barrel, which then opened sideways to reveal a tunnel.
  17. Cedric motioned for the students to walk inside and follow him, and you couldn't help but stand there in awe. Slowly, you made your way through the tunnel, being the last one to enter. It was quite crowded with so many people trying to go through at once, and you noticed that the tunnel slanted upwards slightly. Soon enough, you were out of the tunnel, and you were surrounded by candlelight. You had entered a rounded room that had a tall ceiling, with hemisphere windows that you were sure would light up the room during the day. There was a warm, crackling fire to invite everyone in, and everyone started chattering again until Cedric called for everyone's attention.
  18. "Alright everyone, listen up! Boys dormitories are on the left, girls are on the right. Once you head into the dormitories, there will be papers with your names on it, showing you which rooms are yours. You will also find your bags settled for you at the foot of your beds. Breakfast is bright and early tomorrow, but before you leave, please make sure to speak with either me, or another Prefect to get your schedules! The first class starts at nine tomorrow, so don't be late! You want to make a good impression on your professors."
  19. After his little speech, Cedric dismissed everyone, and everyone began to file away neatly, heading to their dormitories. However, you were still rather caught up in everything. Above the entrance to the room, there were stairs on either side that lead to a small balcony that overlooked the room. Various plants and flowers hung from the wall, or were planted in pots. Many of the plants seemed to be waving as people passed them. Ivy and ferns hung from the ceiling, and some places it seemed so low that it could brush your head as you walked by. "What do you think?" you heard Cedric speak up as the students thinned out more and more.
  20. "It's wonderful," you said in awe, smiling up at him. "I don't think I've ever felt more at home in such an unfamiliar place before." Cedric chuckled, looking around the room. "Well, that is the hope. I'm glad you like it." Your eyes began to wander towards the entrance to the girls dormitories. Maybe it was everything you had gone through that day, or maybe it was the warmth of the fire next to you, but you suddenly felt exhausted. "You should get some rest," Cedric offered. "I'm sure it's been an exciting day for you, and tomorrow will be just as busy." Tucking some loose strands of hair behind your ear, you nodded slightly, looking down at your feet. "I suppose you're right," you laughed. "Goodnight, Cedric. I'll see you tomorrow!"
  21. Once the two of you bid one another goodnight, you made your way to the girls dormitories to find your room. Like Cedric had said, it was easy to find your room as you had found a piece of paper with your name on it magically sticking to one of the doors. Upon entering the room, you were greeted with four beds, with long posts that held yellowish-gold tinted canopies. You spotted your things immediately at the foot of one of the beds. Plants, similar to the ones out in the common room, hung in baskets and sat in pots. A large, dark wooden wardrobe sat next to your bed, and there was a nightstand of the same wood. The floor was a beautiful earthy stone, and there laid a huge rug in the center of the rounded room.
  22. However, something seemed wrong. There was no one else in the room, despite the three other open beds. Not even other bags or trunks. You let out a soft sigh as you made your way over to your bed. Various ties, scarves, and hats laid on the bed, all of them yellow themed, and some adorned with the Hufflepuff crest. You smiled, grabbing them up and folding them to set them on top of your trunk. Tomorrow would be a wonderfully busy day, and it couldn't come any faster.

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