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  • Lovely! Nice twist!! Almost a fortnight since the last...

    Cedric shouldn't be an adult... that's not fair... Rob and Gala should have realised ___'s feelings... Order's so cool... FIFTH YEAR YAY!!

    And I managed to get some time:) . I really had to, quantum numbers are sucking:(. I suppose I can always go through the quizzes during the weekends.

  • I'm glad you like it Zia! And I really hope that you guys will get more time off of studying. My school will start August 21st so I might slow down writing then, but I hope to get part 33 real soon!

  • :) I hope so aadee! I know it took me like for ever to make it I know! And I forgot what I put in my fanfiction so it's going to take me a while to figure out what I'm going to do for that, I might just make you go back to school next but I know know. :/ but I'm glad you love it! I'll try to get the next one out real soon!

  • Loooooooong time,funniebunnie!! I'm glad you came out with part 32! It really was awesome!

    I can always take your quizzes when I'm on a break from studying! hegjvvz);fyjcdgjgfg huij,,):;:huggj NO WORDS TO EXPLAIN HOW AWESOME THEY ARE!!!! And,as always, I'm eagerly waiting for the next part! KIT!

  • Wait....you're in school right now???

    Savannah Brooke

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