Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 32

Things in your fourth year at Hogwarts could have gone better. You almost died, for instance, and you endangered more lives by doing so. Now a question lingers for everyone to try and find out.

Now your fifth year is coming closer, and the question just adds on to have more and more questions that no one really understands. Here in this quiz, things are going to throw you all around, Literally.

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. Okay. This quiz is way overdue, but here it is finally! I had a horrible case of writers block on here, and on my Wattpad but anyways, aadee, I hope you get enough time off of school to see and take this! So, I have a feeling this quiz isn't going to be as good as you might hope, but I'll try to make it as good as I can, and if I don't like it, I might redo it, but anyways, enjoy!
  2. It's late at night, and you're laying on your bed, looking up at your ceiling replaying the whole seen in your head. Boiling anger is rushing through you, making your heart race and tears of sadness and anger blurring your vision. You want to smash everything in your room, but you know Rob and Gala will ask what in the world you're doing and tell you to cut it out, and you didn't even want to look at them right now. You're mad at them like you've never been before.
  3. You remember earlier that night at dinner. You were sitting here, just eating the wonderful meal that Gala prepared for you, eating in an unusual silence. After a while of the silence Rob clears his throat. You looked up at him and he explains everything. He said how Gala and him have been thinking long and hard about what he was about to say. He stated that you weren't allowed to go back to Hogwarts, and that you were going to be home schooled yet again like you were for your first two years. You threw a fit, talking about how it wasn't fair what they're doing to you. They told you it was for your own good, even though you didn't know what they meant by that, no matter how many times you asked them what they meant by it. Finally they had gotten tired with you and said that they've had enough of fighting, and that nothing that you could say would change their minds, so you just stopped off, tears in your eyes, towards your room.
  4. So, that's how you got to be where you are, laying on your bed, mad at the world, and wishing that Harry would write back because he's the only one who's answering you over the letters, even if you only live a few blocks away from him. You lay there for a good fifteen minuets when an idea hits you. It's a really stupid idea, but if you ever want to go back to school for your fifth year, it's the only way. You start to pack up your school trunk, taking clothes, your uniform, everything for school that you'll have. You're not sure where you'll go, or how you'll get your stuff for school when it comes around and how you're going to pay for it. Like I said it was a really stupid idea. Finally after everything is packed you grab a piece of parchment and you write a letter so Rob and Gala wont be freaking out too much.
  5. So you begin to write. "Dear Rob and Gala," you start. "I'm running away. It's not fair that you're keeping me away from school, away from my family and friends, with out really giving me a reason. I don't know where I'll go, but please don't look for me, and please don't worry about me. I know you think that keeping me home will be for my own good, but it's not. What happened last year was weird, I know, but just keeping me home isn't going to stop You-Know-Who from coming after me if he still wants me dead. And then I'd be putting you in danger." You stop for a second, thinking your words over. You would be putting them in danger, and you couldn't do that and everyone else that you know is already on You-Know-Who's list, even Blake since she was with you when You-Know-Who tried to kill you last year. You go on writing.
  6. "You can't keep me away from this," you go on. "I'm in it now no matter what and I have to face this problem. I have to go to school, and I'm not going though more homeschooling. I'm sorry if I make you angry, or sad, or whatever, but I have to do this. You can't keep me away." You finally end the letter. "Love ______." You take a deep breath and look around your room, folding up your letter. You look down and write "Rob and Gala," on it. You pick your trunk and then you begin to quietly head down stairs, trying not to let the floor boards creak. You finally make it down stairs and into the kitchen. Everything is so quiet, so peaceful, and to think in a few hours there might be crying, and anger filled in this house. You turn to the table and you set the letter on the table, next to the fruit bowl and you turn towards the front door. You walk towards it, setting your hand on the cold door nob. You unlock the door and before you open it you whisper softly, "goodbye."
  7. You begin to walk down the empty and barren sidewalks. The marks of Fall are showing brightly as the leaves on the trees begin to turn yellow at the tips. You walk along, not really sure where to go. You know that you can't really go to Harry's because his aunt and uncle will be mad, so you rule his place out of the idea. You honestly don't know where else to go to, so you just begin to wander around aimlessly. You think that maybe you should head to London. If you could wait to go to Diagon Alley and maybe find Harry, Hermione, Ron, someone else that you know and go with them. You sigh, knowing that the walk to London will be impossible to make before morning, and Rob and Gala could find you by then. You sigh again as you still walk along the abandoned streets of Little Whining. That's when you hear an ear piercing screech. You look behind you and you see something moving incredibly fast on the streets, heading your way. You can't make out what it is, so you quickly back away, waiting for it to pass, but the thing is, it doesn't pass you.
  8. It stops with a jerk right in front of you on the streets, making your hair fly and you wobble a little, losing your balance. Right in front of you is a triple Decker bus. It's blue, and you back a way a few steps as the doors open to show a man in his twenties. He looks at you and then takes out a piece of paper and reads off of that. "Welcome to the Night Bus, Blah blah blah, anywhere you want to go, blah blah, how may we be of service?" he asks in a not so into it tone. You sigh, partially in relief, and say "I need to get to London." He looks at you and steps off the bus. "London eh?" he asks. "Aren't you a little young to be out by yourself?" he asks, picking up your trunk with much difficulty as you walk onto the bus. You look around and notice that there are no seats on the bus, only beds. You take a seat on one of the beds as the man puts your trunk on the bed next to you. "Dose it matter?" you ask as the bus jerks forwards.
  9. You literally feel as if you're flying across all of England, and everything goes by as a blur when you look out the windows, making you dizzy. The man was just looking at his fingers and messing around for a while when you notice him looking at you. "Were you in the news by any chance?" he asks, as what you're guessing is a huge building zooms by you. You shrug. "Probably," you answer. "What's your name?" he asks. "______ _______," you answer. "Oh," he says, then looks at you again. "Are you the sister of River _______?" he asks, handing you the news paper. You look at it. It's the story of how you were suppose to be dead, but how you're still alive, but the paper has your old name on it. You shake your head. "Don't know her," you lie, handing the paper back to him. He takes the paper and looks at it. "That's a shame," he says. "Would have been a nice story to hear more 'bout her."
  10. The rest of the ride was full of suspenseful silence. You tried not to look out the window so you wouldn't throw up, and you just looked at your hands. Finally the bus stopped as you practically went flying across the room. "London!" the bus driver shouted as the doors opened. "I'll help you with your bags then," the other man says as he lets you get off. He finally gets your trunk out of the bus and he hands it to you. You put it by your side and he holds out his hand. "That'll be... Twenty Sickles then," he says. "T-Twenty sickles?" you repeat. "But I don't have any money." He looks at you, taking his hand back. "You don't have any money!" he asks you. You shake your head and you look down at your shoes. "You've gotta pay your dues!" he says. "You'll have to work on the bus for at least one day." You look back up at him. "But I don't h-" you start. "I'll pay the money for the girl," a voice speaks up.
  11. You look over and you see a man, taller than you, with rugged clothes and a tired face. But he has a smile on that tired face of his, but his eyes are dull. You sigh in relief and you say, "Professor." He walks over to the man and he hands him the money and the man is quickly on his way with out a word on the bus. Lupin then looks down at you. "What are you doing here at night all by yourself with no money in London?" he asks. "Which is well away from Little Whining I might add." You sigh and you look away from him, the huge bus now gone from sight. "Rob and Gala told me that I couldn't go back to Hogwarts," you say simply. "So I ran away so I could come back." You look up at him, tears building up in you eyes. Lupin looks at you and puts a hand on your shoulder and he makes you walk with him down the streets. "That was a very dangerous thing you did, running away," Lupin states. "But I understand where you're coming from, but now that you're here, I have to keep you safe, so I'm bringing you with everyone else." You give him a confused look. "Everyone else, Professor?"
  12. Lupin never answered, he just lead you though the city of London. It was quiet surprisingly, and everything turned darker as he turned to a new street. He walked along and then suddenly stopped as he came to some apartments. You looked at them and noticed that there was an apartment number missing. Lupin leans down and then whispers in your year "the head quarters for The Order of the Phoenix is at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place." He moves away and then starts to walk and you see the number twelve appearing in between houses and a new door and windows are there too. Lupin looks at you as he's now on the door step. "Quickly now," he says.
  13. You walk to the door with Lupin as he opens up the door. "Be very quiet..." Lupin whispers to you. When you get in it's kind of dark, but it's nice and warm. Lupin tells you to put your trunk by the umbrella holder and that you could bring it up to your room later. "So, who's house is this?" you whisper. "Sirius's," Lupin answer. At his name your heart flutters with joy and you smile. You hear talking now that you think of it, a soft, but happy and cheerful talking. "They should be eating now, come on then ______," Lupin says, leading you down a hall towards a door. Lupin opens the door and the talking becomes much louder, but it quickly dies down as they see Lupin walk in, but you just kind of stand behind him. "Ah, I see you're back from your midnight stroll then," you hear Mr. Weasely, Ron's dad, speak up. "Yes, and I found someone that I didn't expect to see on the streets of London alone at night as well," Lupin says.
  14. Lupin walks away from the door, sitting down in an empty spot, and now people are looking at you. You see practically everyone, Cedric, Hermione, Ron and most of his family, Harry, and even some teachers that you know, and some knew people that you've yet to meet. "OUR ANGEL!" the twins shout, standing up and walking over to you. "Hey guys!" you cheerfully shout as everyone begins laughing at what the twins called you. They practically drag you over to your spot which is a spot by Cedric and Fred, George on the other side of Fred. Everyone is eating and Molly, Mrs. Weasley, hands you a plate and you start to pile food on your plate. "So we've been working on ideas for our pranks," Fred speaks up. "Yeah, and most have them have been turning out perfectly!" George goes on. "But the thing that we're missing," Fred says. "Is a test subject," they say in unison. "Fred and George Weasley, you are not to test your pranks in this house, do you understand?" Molly speaks up. The Twins don't look at their mom as she talks to them, but they say, "yes mother," in unison, only to have Fred whisper the question to you a few minuets later.
  15. Minuets later you finally come to your senses about who's sitting next to you. Cedric clears his throat, but doesn't look at you. You remember everything that happened last year, how you almost died to save him and Harry, how at the Yule Ball you danced with him and he confessed his secret about you. So many things happened between you two last year, a huge fight that he didn't talk to you about you "liking Draco," instead of Cedric. "So," Cedric speaks up. "Didn't expect to see you here." He didn't look up from his plate while he talked to you. "Oh, well, I didn't expect to be here," you say, as you begin to eat the wonderful meal that Molly had set out. Cedric nodded and looked to you. "So, how have you been?" Cedric asks. You think It's quite weird of him to try and make normal conversation. You'd be expecting 'what were you doing in London by yourself?' 'Where are Rob and Gala?' Questions like that, but he's just trying to make normal conversation. "I've been okay, what about you?" you ask.
  16. "I've been good," he answers. There was a silence between you two, and neither of you said a word. After a while he finally speaks up, "Well, at least things wont be so crazy this year," he says. You smile a little and nod your head. "Yeah, no Tri-Wizard Tournament to deal with," You agree. "Yeah I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon," Cedric says, looking down a little and laughing, which makes you laugh along with him too. "Well then kids," Molly speaks up. You look away from Cedric as everyone else looks to Molly. "It's about time that you head to bed, we have chores to do tomorrow," she says. The Twins groan as everyone starts to stand up from the table, you begin to walk and you turn to talk to Cedric only to see that he's not getting up, and that he's still at the table. "You coming Cedric?" you ask. He looks up at you and shakes his head. "No, I'm in the Order," he says. "I stay here." You look at him and your smile wavers a little. "Oh," you say plainly. "I'll see you tomorrow then."
  17. "Nice to see you again ______," Hermione says about fifteen minuets later. You're going to be sharing rooms with Hermione and Ginny until school starts, and right now you've just finally put your PJ's on and put your trunk away. "You too," you answer as you look around the room. The room wasn't in the best shape, most of everything fabric like was moth eaten, and the smell was horrible too. It smelt of mildew, and it was obvious that this house hadn't been lived in for years. "This is Sirius's house?" you ask, sitting down on the bed, getting ready to get to bed. "Yes, but it hasn't been lived in for about fourteen years, which is why we'll be cleaning so much tomorrow," Ginny answers. "Which will be... fun," she adds sarcastically. You snicker a little as you cover up with the ugly blankets that were provided for you and you rest your head on the stiff pillows. "How long have you all been here?" you speak up. "A few weeks now..." Hermione says, casting a guilty look at Ginny. "Is this why you haven't been answering my letters?" you ask. Hermione nods, looking back at you. "But we couldn't answer Harry either, we were suppose to keep this a secret, so it was kind of hard to talk to you two with out really giving it away in letter, just in case anything got intercepted," Hermione says. "Oh," you say plainly, but then to change the subject you ask, "so who's all in the order?" Ginny speaks up this time. "Lupin, the real Moody, a girl named Tonks, My parents, Sirius, Cedric, Dumbledore, Amos, Kingsly, and Snape too."
  18. "Snape?" You repeat. Hermione and Ginny nods their heads. "They'll be coming over soon, which is why they've been having us go to sleep so early," Hermione answers. "But, why? I didn't think he played a big part in this," you say. Ginny shrugs. "Dumbledore trusts him," she says. There was a silences that lasted for a few minuets, but another question popped into your head. "What is this Order thing even about?" you ask. Hermione sighs. "It's a long story," she says. "But, we know it has something to do with standing up to You-Know-Who and his Death Eaters," Ginny goes on, just like how the Twins finish each others words. "So, then why don't we know what's going on?" you ask. "They think that we're too young," Hermione says. "The meetings we're not allowed to know about." You sigh and look around the old damaged room. "Then why bring is here if we can't know what's going on?" you ask, kind of heated. "Harry, Cedric, Blake, and I almost died last year going up against him, we deserve the right to know." Ginny shakes her head. "He's already pointed that out, but they still won't let any of us know besides Cedric since he's technically an adult," she answers. "And don't bother asking him about it, we've tried." Now there was true silence, going around the room, and you could hardly hear the voices of the meeting down stairs. "We should get to bed," Hermione speaks up, turning her lamp off. "Goodnight," you all wish each other.
  19. All the lights are out, and it's practically pitch black. Hermione and Ginny are well asleep, but you're just looking at the run down ceiling, thinking about everything that's happened in one night. But that's when you start to hear voices. At first, you think it was Hermione and Ginny talking, and that they weren't really asleep like you thought, but it wasn't them. Then you thought maybe it was the paintings, like the ones that they have back at Hogwarts, but you were also wrong. Then you thought that you were just going bonkers and that you were just hearing voices, but the voices you were hearing were coming from the meeting. You weren't sure if you were the only one hearing this or not, but they were saying lots of stuff about Harry. They were going on and on about him, and you started to get tired, but that's when you heard you name mentioned. You tried to sit up, but by then you were so drowsy, than you could hardly keep your eyes open. Their voices were softly drifting away like an the voices do in the halls at Hogwarts, and the last thing you were able to make out before you fell asleep was "lives," and then the room seemed a little darker than it was before.
  20. Okay, so I'm pretty sure this is like the longest quiz I've ever made, in like the history of ever, and it took me forever too. XD well, I hope you enjoyed! It took me long enough! aadee i really hope you're able to get enough time off of school to read this! Zia, I hope you also found time to read it, and I hope you both enjoyed! I've also came up with a different twist away from my I'm bored as heck fan fiction, that you guys are going to love! (or hate...) So, I hope you liked it! Love ya! KIT

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