The Rose of Hogwarts [Part 3]

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Last time, we left you saying goodbye to Esme before taking off on the Hogwarts Express! You were able to learn a little bit more about your family, and your confidence is only growing.

However, the ride to Hogwarts might not be all that you thought it to be. Many annoying, and scary obstacles lie in your path. Are you up for the challenge?

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. It had hardly been two minutes since the Hogwarts Express had taken off from Platform 9 3/4, and things already seemed to be going terribly. Every compartment you had came to seemed to be full, and the ones who weren't full had students making some sort of excuse as to why you couldn't sit with them. As you were losing hope, you came to a compartment with only four people in it. After taking a deep breath, you slowly opened the compartment door and peeked your head in. One of the four occupants was sleeping, but the other three who were awake stared at you with curious eyes. "I"m terribly sorry," you spoke up, "but every other compartment I've come to seems to be full. Is it alright if I join you?"
  2. The three students looked around at one another, mouths not moving. You braced yourself for rejection yet again. If they said no to you, you were afraid that you would end up sitting in the hallway for the entire ride to Hogwarts. The last thing you wanted to do was have to turn your suitcase into a makeshift seat. However, one of the students, a girl with bushy brown hair, turned to you with a soft smile. "Of course," she said. Relief rippled throughout your body as you quickly thanked them before entering the compartment. Things were awkwardly quiet as you situated your suitcase and took a seat next to the girl.
  3. The first few minutes of you entering the compartment were awkward, to say the least. Obviously these people didn't know you, and you couldn't help but feel like the stranger that had interrupted their conversation. The girl looked between the two boys who were awake and let out a big sigh before turning to you. "Sorry, my friends don't seem to know how to hold a conversation, apparently," she said. "My name is Hermione, Hermione Granger." You smiled at her, thankful that she had broken the ice, as you weren't sure you would have been able to. "It's nice to meet you. I'm ______ ______," you spoke up, throwing a glance between the two boys, who were watching the conversation go down.
  4. "Ron Weasley," the boy next to Hermione spoke up. This boy, Ron, had messy red hair that instantly caught your attention. He seemed rather awkward, as every time he caught your eyes, he almost immediately looked away. "Harry Potter," the other boy, who sat across from you, spoke up. Your ears found that name somewhat familiar, as you often heard it in the news or read it in papers. You looked up at him, a slight smile on his face. This had to be the boy everyone knew about, wasn't it? The Boy Who Lived? Of course it was! The scar on his forehead was playing peek-a-boo form under his hair. Yet, you were sure Harry got a lot of attention just from being who he was, and the last thing you wanted to do was bring more attention to it. "It's nice to meet you all," you said simply.
  5. "So, ______, what year are you in? I don't remember seeing you around at school," Hermione spoke up. A lurching feeling pained your stomach for a short second when Hernione asked that question. Why were you nervous? It was an innocent enough question. "Oh, I'm in my third year. But this is my first year actually attending Hogwarts. I was schooled at home these last two years," you explained. "Which would probably explain why we've never seen one another before."
  6. "I didn't even know getting your schooling at home was a possibility. I thought there was a law forbidding underage magic outside of Hogwarts," Harry spoke up. A chuckle came from Ron. "Oh yeah. Harry just had to deal with some of those troubles himself," he said, to which Harry shyly turned his attention to his hands. "Don't worry, I had my fair share of dealing with the Ministry. We had to have special accommodations so that I could be taught outside of Hogwarts. I remember one member on the board was very much against my at home schooling."
  7. "If you don't mind my asking, why did you go through so much trouble to get your schooling done at home? Wouldn't it have been easier to just attend Hogwarts?" Hermione asked. You looked down at your hands, twiddling your thumbs together. Though you knew there was no reason to feel bad about your reasons for being schooled at home, you couldn't help but feel embarrassed. "Well, it wasn't entirely my choice," you said. "My caretaker wasn't really all that comfortable with me attending school with some of the professors who were teaching. Mostly the Defense Against the Dark Arts professors."
  8. A slight groan sounded in the compartment as Ron leaned his head back. "Our first two Defense Against the Dark Arts professors have been idiots," Ron said as he turned back to sitting upright. "So I've heard," you chuckled. As you were about to continue your story, the train suddenly lurched. Metal on metal screeched as the breaks on the train engaged. "What's going on? We can't be there yet," Hermione spoke up. Your attention turned towards the window of the compartment. Sheets of rain poured non-stop outside, and you were confused as to how you didn't notice the pounding on the glass from before. Dark clouds loomed over the country side, and you noticed just how cold it had gotten.
  9. One by one, the lights in the train cart began to turn off. It was as if some child was trying to play a prank by running down the hallway and turning off every light switch. But you could tell by the decreasing temperature that this was no prank. Darkness swallowed the compartment, and you couldn't help but wrap your arms around you to try and warm yourself up. "I have a bad feeling about this," you shivered.
  10. A dark cloaked figure entered the hallway outside of your compartment. The fabric of the cloak seemed to move around on its own, without the assistance of wind. A hand reached out from the cloak and coaxed the door to the compartment open. As the hand reached into what little light was able to make its way through the window, you could see that the hand was nonhuman. Its fingers were long and thin, and it appeared to have hardly any skin covering it. Hermione slowly grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to her. Everyone in the compartment was shocked, you had no idea what to do except sit there and wait for something to happen.
  11. No face was visible on whatever creature it was that entered the compartment, but you could tell that it was looking at Harry. A terrible sound emerged from the creature. It was as if it was a weak drain, trying to suction up as much water as it could, but was running out of things to consume. Harry went rigid, and you could hear him gasping. It seemed to go on for an eternity, but the only thing you could do was sit there and watch it happen.
  12. Without warning, the sleeping man by the window suddenly sprung out of his seat, wand in hand. He muttered a spell that you couldn't quite hear and a bright light erupted from his wand. Almost immediately the creature cowered back from the light, quickly gliding out of the compartment, as if forcefully repelled by the light. As it left, you could hear a scream. It sounded like the scream of a woman, that seemed far away yet right in the compartment at the same time. But the scream was short, and the door to the compartment closed right as Harry fell over on the seat.
  13. "Harry!" exclaimed Hermione as she rushed to his side. Luckily for Harry, he only fell over in the seat, his head cushioned from the fall by the padding on the seats. "Don't worry," the man who fought off the creature spoke as he took his spot by the window. "He's likely in shock. He'll wake up here soon." The lights around you slowly flickered back on as you felt the slight lurching of the train. The Hogwarts Express was back on track, making its way to the castle as if nothing had happened.
  14. The man began to rummage through his bag. His hair was a little messy, but it seemed fitting as he had just been sleeping only moments before. Looking down at his trunk, you took notice of the name that was printed on it. 'Professor R.J Lupin." Lupin? This was the man Esme had told you about! "Professor Lupin," you spoke up, only to be interrupted by Harry waking up. "Harry? Thank goodness, are you alright?" Hermione questioned. You stayed silent as Professor Lupin turned his attention to Harry, extending out a piece of chocolate for him to take. "Here," he said. "Chocolate."
  15. Professor Lupin took turns passing out pieces of chocolate to everyone else in the compartment, to which you gave a meek thanks for. "What was that thing?" Harry questioned. "A Dementor," Professor Lupin spoke up. "One of the creatures that guard Azkaban. Don't worry, it's gone now. I imagine they were sweeping the train for Sirius Black." He leaned over to his seat and began gathering his things before quickly standing up. "I'm sorry to leave you, but I must have a word with the driver." Professor Lupin then stood up, making his way out of the compartment with a quick goodbye before leaving.
  16. "What happened?" Harry asked, taking a bite of the chocolate. "I don't know. It just looked like you passed out," Hermione explained. As the train finally reached full speed again, you felt the final effects of the coldness go away. You were no longer shivering, and with every passing moment you were already feeling better. "Who was it that screamed?" Harry spoke up. Ron and Hermione threw confused glances at one another, including you in their confusion. "No one was screaming," Hermione stated.
  17. It was your turn to be confused. What did they mean there was no screaming, you had heard it yourself! Yet, they spoke with such conviction you convinced yourself that maybe you were just hearing things because of the Dementor. You decided to keep quiet. "He said that they were checking the train for Sirius Black; who is that?" you spoke up. Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at you for a split moment before quickly adverting their gaze one by one. "He's a criminal who's escaped from Azkaban," Hermione explained as she took her seat next to you, Ron switching sides to sit by Harry. "Why would they think he'd be here on the Hogwarts Express?" you questioned.
  18. Hermione and Ron shot a glance at Harry, who was staring between the two of them. Though you hadn't known them long, you knew what type of trouble could come Harry's way for being who he was. If Sirius Black was a dangerous criminal, it wouldn't be too far fetched to think he would try and harm Harry. "Oh," you spoke up. "No need to explain, if you're uncomfortable. I realize that might have been a loaded question, considering..." You meandered off in your words. You didn't want to come off too strongly towards the group. It had only been quite literally minutes that you had known them, and they didn't owe you any sort of explanation. But thank goodness for Hermione, and her quick thinking. She was able to quickly divert the conversation to a much happier topic. For the rest of the ride to Hogwarts, the conversations consisted of nothing but good conversation and laughter.

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