What type of planet is like your personality?

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There are many types of exoplanets out there, some frigid wastelands, some boiling hot and uninhabitable deserts. Some have no air, some have super-thick atmospheres.

Now, out of all the types of exoplanets, which type is like your personality? And if you get an answer you don't like, don't take it personally, my quizzes have been known to be harsher than what I intended XD

Created by: alex3000
  1. Who do you know best?
  2. Does your personality change often?
  3. What is your normal response when someone says hi?
  4. How many (true) friends would you say you have?
  5. What do people see in you most?
  6. What do you think when someone says your name?
  7. Old school question time: favorite color?
  8. Where would I find you most often?
  9. What kind of person are you?
  10. One last thing: did you like this quiz? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: What type of planet is like my personality?