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  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I guess. Maybe."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "It's not really a matter of needing to vent, I's been years since I was able to live my life properly, to think properly, to feel ..."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I'm probably not any more okay than I have been for the last couple years...which is not very... Long story..."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Someday when galaxies collide, we'll be lost on different skies, I will send my rocket ship to find you"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Honestly? Probably not."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I don't belong here, Not in this atmosphere"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I want to be part of your life again, and you a part of mine...but it so painfully clear how much you don't want that..."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I hope he makes you happy like I never could... All I ever wanted was to make you happy, and that's what I ended up doing least"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "If my life is going to slip from me anyway, I want you to be by my side as it goes."
  • "What? I figured I'd join in on all the threads being made recently with declarative sentences as titles."
  • "This is basically the exact opposite of the doubles situation we had back in the day, where separate accounts that weren't you claimed to be..."
  • "For a second I almost went into documentary mode about forum formatting lol Basic gist is that that isn't a problem, cause you "
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I wonder if things will ever be feels like I haven't grown or changed in the last two years of my life"
  • "As intimidating as it might be these days where people are mega polite about not intruding on conversations, or going into private/"only if ..."
  • All about your music!
    "gosh darnit for a second i thought i might be able to talk about the music i make because of the title Anyway, my favorite band"

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