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  • "I found it via the quizzes and I think I originally found the forums from the link you get on your profile when you haven't made a forums po..."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I promise I can be something worth being, I want to become something worth seeing, But your sight is different than mine,"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I'm glad :-)"
  • had dream bout ma ex
    "i had a dream that someone was trying to shoot me"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "We write own passages on the walls, Waiting for permission, waiting for a call But none will come, there is no sound here, "
  • Guess who just turned 17?
    "Happy birthday! Mine is going to be in a couple weeks. I'll be turning 19. It's good to see you're still hanging around, and s"
  • "My name is Alexander, and I was born in 2000. Most people call me Alex, and back then I decided to just do this brilliant thing where in ord..."
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "I remember you too ^_^ Was always fun when you randomly popped into a thread lol"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Haha yeah it's cool. Came from a Starset song called Diving Bell"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "In my mind, endless sea, Calling from the bottom but you don't hear me, Send your line, down to me, Meet me on the surfa"
  • Loneliness
    "I just watched this video by Kurzgesagt"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "How can I tell you just all that you are?"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "So much for superheroes. We'll find a way to survive this time."
  • Hello!
    "Well, that’s about one thing I can’t quite figure out. I can sing to other people’s music, sure, but I can never figure out a melody and tim"
  • Hello!
    "Ah, okay. True, haha. Not really, I do music so I’ll have an album coming out at some point but otherwise I don’t really have anything plann"

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