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  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "How can I tell you just all that you are?"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "So much for superheroes. We'll find a way to survive this time."
  • Hello!
    "Well, that’s about one thing I can’t quite figure out. I can sing to other people’s music, sure, but I can never figure out a melody and tim"
  • Hello!
    "Ah, okay. True, haha. Not really, I do music so I’ll have an album coming out at some point but otherwise I don’t really have anything plann"
  • My OFFICIAL thread
    "Breathing not believing, Oculus deceiving"
  • Hello!
    "Well, I suppose if that's how you want to spend it that's cool"
  • Hello!
    "Tis alright, I was a bit busy too. Well, today's been kinda normal. I've been playing a video game which I suppose would count as pretty fun..."
  • Hello!
    "I'm alright, a bit bored. You?"
  • Hello!
    "Well, I'm here for a bit. Also, welcome!"
  • "If Earth was flat the sun would never go down. I have watched too many sunset with my own eyes."
  • "Yesss five minutes and you're not leaving :-D"
  • "Darnit man only two minutes this time but you have to go >_"
  • "good idea! :-D oops it's too late for me ;-;"
  • "being in college suuuucckkss i had a math final today and just...owie. my brain is le fried."
  • "elloooo ^-^"

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