how much do u know about the solar system?

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hey, look! you're taking a test on the solar system! goood for yous! I'm glad. the solar system is an amazing place.plant that are like gigantic supervolcanoes, frozen ice dwarves, and barren, fried worlds like mercury, or cratered worlds like the moon.

how much do you know about this amazing thing we call the SOLAR SYSTEM? well, take this to FIND OUUUTTTT!!!!! i hope you do good, and good luck! take it, i'm finished.

Created by: alex3000

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  1. what's the hottest planet in the solar system?
  2. what is officially the coldest object in the solar system?
  3. is Pluto a planet in your opinion?
  4. how many moons does Jupiter have? (as of 2014)
  5. what color is Neptune and y?
  6. how many moons does Mercury have?
  7. why is mars "red"?
  8. what elements are most abundant in Jupiter?
  9. how hot is Venus? (degrees Fahrenheit)
  10. what does "Maria" translate to?
  11. why are planets spheres and not cubes or pyramids?
  12. how old is the solar system?

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