How much you know about our universe?

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This world we're living in is so big for tiny humans and thinking of that our world is just a tiny dot in the universe is impossible O.O Our planet is in the solar system with 8 other planets.Our solar system is in a galaxy between millions and millions of stars.What if I tell you there are so many other galaxies in the universe?

Do you want to know more about our planet in space and other planets such as?Do you want to know about the moon and the sun?Take this quiz now because it has everything you're looking for.

Created by: Galaxy002
  1. What makes tides (The changes in the level of the sea)?
  2. Is gravity on the moon the same as gravity on Earth?
  3. How many moons does Saturn have?
  4. What's the Red Planet?
  5. What's the Ringed Giant?
  6. How long it takes for light from the nearest star to Earth?
  7. Can we see how the stars are NOW by looking at the sky?
  8. What's the coldest planet?
  9. Pluto goes around the sun in ___ days.
  10. How much of the Earth is water?
  11. Why in the sky, we see the sun and the moon in the same size?
  12. This quiz finished~

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