How much do you know about Astronomy?

Some people have a higher interest in astronomy than others. Those who are interested in astronomy can now test themselves to see what they really understand and know about the mysterious universe.

What do YOU know about the unsolved universe? Do you know about the planets? Stars? Astronomy vocabulary words? Now you can really test yourself to your knowledge for the darkness beyond our world.

Created by: Tessa Powell

  1. Let's start with planets, (all of you will get this question right) What is the largest planet?
  2. What is Saturn made of?
  3. Jupiter, earth, mercury, Uranus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Venus, Saturn *Put the planets in order from the sun*
  4. what is the diameter of Mars?
  5. How many miles of distance is it from earth to the sun?
  6. How long is a year on Uranus?
  7. What is the length of a day on mercury?
  8. What is the usual temperature on Neptune?
  9. Moving on to stars. True or false? the coolest stars (not hot) are actually the red giants
  10. The sun is the closet star to our planet, and out of Red giant, yellow dwarf, red dwarf and white dwarf, what kind of star is our sun?
  11. You might notice that stars move around the sky, they rise and set like the sun and moon. They also move in another direction, what direction?
  12. What color stars are there?
  13. What constellation looks like a music note?
  14. Are Ursa minor and little dipper the same thing?
  15. What is the location of the constellation *Cassiopeia*?
  16. When is the constellation Andromeda visible?
  17. Let's move on to some vocabulary, ok? What is "Angular Diameter"?
  18. What is Asterism?
  19. What is the morning star?
  20. What is the evening star?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Astronomy?