How much do you know about astronomy?

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Welcome to my quiz of astronomy! Here you will find out your understanding of some basic astronomy facts. Answer well and you will get a good score plus a grade.

Rules: simply tap the correct answer for the question or the best phrase to complete the sentence. No checking Google or anything. This quiz is to evaluate your learning of astronomy.

Created by: Silverspring324
  1. At the center of our galaxy there is a...
  2. What protects earth against solar flares, creating the northern lights?
  3. Comets are mainly made of...
  4. Why does the moon have many craters, while Earth only has a few?
  5. Our sun is a...
  6. Which color of star is the hottest?
  7. A comet orbit is...
  8. Which planet spins sideways?
  9. The asteroid belt is between...
  10. If you were 500 meters away from a planet when it exploded, and you were invincible at the moment, what would you hear?
  11. The tide is drawn by...
  12. Which kind of galaxy is our galaxy?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about astronomy?