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  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth is now afraid that Wilson will suddenly stab her in the back)"
  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth took a deep breath and said, "So... do you mind explaining why you got homicidal all of a sudden?" As she grew numerous water lilie..."
  • Soap!
    "With an upwards flick of her hand, Hyacinth sent the knife flying through the air, caught it, and handed ot to Wilson."
  • Soap!
    "Oh by the way the knife is still at the center of the lake just on the surface, I did that so I could get it later)"
  • Soap!
    "Is he okay now)"
  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth grew a water lily pad from beneath his knife and it rose to the surface."
  • Soap!
    "So what do I do?)"
  • Soap!
    "Oh I forgot it's night) What's Percy doing all this time? Because I'm not entirely sure what to do)"
  • Soap!
    "Wilson doesn't like water?)"
  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth casted several powerful healing spells after him, all in vain. May I ask, how exactly do I cure this illness?)"
  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth grabbed his knife and threw it into a (conveniently located) lake."
  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth finished talking with the wolf before standing up and touching its forehead. She turned around towards Wilson and Percy and said "T..."
  • Soap!
    "Ah insert a ", who" in the "alpha wolf growled at her" part)"
  • Soap!
    "Hyacinth ignored Wilson and went past him toward the alpha wolf growled at her. She calmly touched the wolf's forehead and the animal starte..."
  • Hey guys
    "Hmm I probably won't join but I will ask a question: if all these people are from different continents, how are they supposed to communicate..."

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