Can you match these Greek goddesses to their role?

For people who think they are knowledgeable in Greek mythology: This test is just for you! Let's see how much you really know about Greek mythology! If you actually know a lot, this test will be a piece of cake!

For people who think they don't know a lot about Greek mythology: Take this test anyway. The results just might surprise you. If you get some wrong, check the answer key for the correct answers. Good luck and have fun! I genuinely hope you get a high score!

Created by: Silverspring324
  1. Hestia is goddess of:
  2. Nyx is goddess of:
  3. Nike is goddess of:
  4. Persephone is goddess of:
  5. Iris is goddess of:
  6. Eos is goddess of:
  7. Hebe is goddess of:
  8. Nemesis is goddess of:
  9. Circe is goddess of:
  10. Metis is goddess of:

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Quiz topic: Can I match these Greek goddesses to their role?