Greek Gods and Goddesses

What do YOU know about Greek mythology? Well, in this test were about to find out. This test is to test if you know how much Greek gods and goddesses powers you know.

Please, if you take this test you'll help me help people learn a little about Greek mythology. It can help the world. It makes people wonder "Are the gods and goddesses real."

Created by: Greek
  1. What is Zeus's power?
  2. What is Poseidon's power?
  3. What is Hera's power?
  4. What is Hades's power?
  5. What is Athena's power?
  6. What is Apollo's power?
  7. What is Artemis's power?
  8. What is Hermes's power?
  9. What is Aphrodite's power?
  10. What is Ares's power?
  11. What is Hephaestus's power?
  12. What is Dionysus's power?
  13. What is Demeter's power?
  14. What is Persephone's power?
  15. What is Hestia's power?

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