Greek mythology quiz! (Easy)

There are many different kinds of mythologies, Norse, Roman, Chinese, but how well do you know Greek mythology, this is by far my favorite mythology, so I was motivated to make this quiz to test your knowledge!

So, how well do you know Greek mythology, you could wonder all day and night, wondering and wondering, until you found this quiz! Now you can find out!!

Created by: Selene1232

  1. First, starting off easy, What was Achilles's, who was immortal, one of the greatest Greek heroes, only vulnerable spot?
  2. What was Heracles\Hercules's first great labor?
  3. Who tamed the first winged horse, or Pegasus, as he was called.
  4. Who were Zeus's mother and father?
  5. Who was the almighty slayer of the gorgons, Medusa?
  6. Who was the father of Perseus?
  7. King of the gods?
  8. Who is the only demigod Olympian?

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