How Well Do You Know Your Greek Mythology?

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Are you in love with Greek mythology? Percy Jackson? Anything? If you are, this quiz is perfect for you. Test your knowledge! Maybe Homer will write an epic about your epic journey through the land of choosing the bubble with your answer!

See exactly how much mythology you REALLY know with this fun quiz.Try to get as high a score as you can! Good luck! Just remember to always have a lot of fun!

Created by: Marietta Groundhog

  1. What is Hestia a goddess of?
  2. Who are the Big Three?
  3. Is Heracles Greek or Roman?
  4. What is Eros's Roman name?
  5. Where do the gods and goddesses live?
  6. Who is the god of wine and partying?
  7. What is Iris the goddess of?
  8. Which goddess is the goddess of the moon and __________
  9. Who is Apollo, the god of the sun, healing, poetry, and music's twin?
  10. What was the first pegasus's name?
  11. Who was the greatest hero of all time and wasn't a god but became one?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know my Greek Mythology?