Which mythology are you a demigod of?

Have you ever wondered what mythological lineage you were born from? Take this quiz to find out who your possible "God"-parent is, or at least which mythology they stem from.

Here you will find out whether you are a demigod of Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse, or Chinese mythology. There are several different outcomes and your answers will help us narrow down your possible parents!

Created by: WittyShark
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  1. What types of demigod powers do you have?
  2. Which of these is the strongest?
  3. Which is a stronger color?
  4. True or False: Agni is a Mayan God
  5. True or False: Kukulkan is a Chinese god?
  6. True or False: Bacchus is a Greek god?
  7. True of False: Khepri is a Mayan god?
  8. True or False: Nemesis is a Roman goddess?
  9. True or False: Ullr is a Hindu god?
  10. True or False: Chang'e is a Mayan goddess?
  11. Choose a God
  12. Choose a Goddess
  13. Who would win in a fight?
  14. Who would win in a fight?
  15. My demigod parent is a:

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Quiz topic: Which mythology am I a demigod of?