How much do you know about Mythology?

There are many Mythologies. There are many scholars in knowing these. But how much do you know Mythology? Starting with the main 3 I myself know. Greek/Roman,Norse,and Egyptian.

Are you a scholar in Mythology? DO you know what I know? Do you even know what Mythology is? Find out here ! Hope you like the quiz! Please give feedback please!

Created by: Mythical Life

  1. Who is the god of the dead in Egyptian Mythology?
  2. Who is the goddess of love in Norse Mythology?
  3. Who is the roman goddess of Marriage?
  4. Who is the greek god of Speed?
  5. Who did Athena turn into a spider?
  6. Who did Athena turn into a spider?
  7. What is Loki the god of?
  8. Who are the 3 Virgins Goddess' in Greek Myths?
  9. Should I stop here?
  10. Well- Hope you liked the quiz! Bye!

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Mythology?