Do you know Greek mythology?

There is Norse gods, Roman gods, but do you know your Greek gods and myths, you could only wonder until you found this quiz, are you a Greek mythology nerd?

Did you know Hera has a dark side, Aphrodite barfs pink sparkles, and Artemis loves men, just kidding, Artemis hates men, and Aphrodite doesn't barf pink sparkles, Hera does have a dark side though.

Created by: Lizzy

  1. Who is king of the gods?
  2. Who is Hercules?
  3. Who is Dionysus.
  4. Who is the goddess of love and beauty?
  5. How was Aphrodite born?
  6. Who is Hestia?
  7. What happened to Bellerephon.
  8. Who is the youngest Olympian god?
  9. Who are the two twins of the sun and moon.

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Quiz topic: Do I know Greek mythology?