How Well Do you Know Greek Mythology?

You know what's really cool? Greek mythology! Would you like to see if you're an expert? These questions are fairly simple. If you are unsatisfied with your results, I would advise you to fly to Greece for however long you may need.

Greek mythology is such a fascinating subject. There are so many gods and goddesses! Did you know that if someone belives in more than one god, it is called polytheism? There may or may not be a few puns in the end results ;)

Created by: Krishna
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  1. What is Zeus' Roman name?
  2. Who is the Goddess of wisdom?
  3. How many Olympians are there?
  4. What did Athena present the city of Athens that made her their patron Goddess?
  5. How many labours did Heracles need to complete?
  6. Which Goddess was born from sea foam?
  7. What is Zeus' symbol?
  8. Who has snakes for hair?
  9. Who is Aphrodite married to?
  10. Who was born from Zeus's head?
  11. Who is the youngest Olympian?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Greek Mythology?