Are you an expert at Greek mythology?

Are you a Greek mythology genius? Can you score 100%? Or will you fail?! Put your brain in thinking mode for this superb, amazing, brilliant, great, fantastic quiz

Could you be the clever one to score 100%? Try but it won't be easy!!!!! Try your best and remember; Don't be caught out by the tricks I have in store!!!

Created by: Midnight stars

  1. Who is the Greek goddess of love?
  2. What did Zeus give to Pandora?
  3. Now lets move onto the hard questions!! This is the Roman name for WHAT god? Pluto
  4. Who is Hades wife and Queen of the underworld?
  5. Which one of these is the WRONG answer?
  6. Who fought the Nemian lion?
  7. True of false? The Underworld had a river called Lethe, which represents lamentation?
  8. Apollo is the god of music, the sun and what?
  9. Who is the king and queen of the gods
  10. Who made mankind?
  11. Who made horses?
  12. When Pandora opened the box, and all illnesses and sadness escaped from it, what was left?

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Quiz topic: Am I an expert at Greek mythology?