Show How Much You Know: Percy Jackson

So, you've decided to take my quiz, I see? To delve into the wondrous world of Greek mythology? Well, congratulations! Let's have fun, shall we? Who ever said Greek mythology couldn't be fun?

Percy Jackson is a wonderful, amazing series of books by Rick Riordan, and teaches you about Greek mythology in a cool, modern, not-boring way. Let see just how much of a fan you really are!

Created by: ShadowEclipse
  1. In what chapter of The Lightning Thief was Percy claimed by Poseidon?
  2. In The Mark of Athena, when in Rome, what did Percy and Annabeth find out that the river god's (Gregory Peck) name was?
  3. In what book did Annabeth first kiss Percy?
  4. What was Percy's first monster that he defeated?
  5. How many Fates are there?
  6. What is the magical force that hides monsters and other mythological matters from the mortals' eyes?
  7. In what book was Thalia resurrected from pine-tree form?
  8. How did Annabeth defeat Arachne in The Mark of Athena?
  9. What does Octavian do at Camp Jupiter?
  10. What is Chiron?
  11. What is the Greek name for Percy's sword, Riptide?
  12. What gift did Luke give to Percy in The Lightning Thief?
  13. What was the name of Artemis's first-in-command for The Huntresses of Artemis?
  14. Where were Jason, Piper, and Leo for their field trip with Coach Hedge in the beginning of The Lost Hero?
  15. When is Percy's birthday?

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