Did you read “Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes” thoroughly?

Have you read the book “Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes”? It’s a very good book if you ask me. A lot of people have read it, which is why I created this quiz.

Sure, you might have read the book, but have you read it thoroughly? Have you gotten all the facts about Greek mythology? Take this test to find out! Come on!

Created by: Silverspring324

  1. How many heroes killed a lion with their bare hands?
  2. How many tasks did Hercules have to perform, originally?
  3. Who, in the book, has the most serious case of ADHD?
  4. How many females are in the book?
  5. Who is Bellerophon’s dad?
  6. Who did Bellerophon kill?
  7. How many tasks did Psyche have to perform to have Eros?
  8. According to the book, if you were a woman, your best case scenario was that you were born in:
  9. Perseus was born in a:
  10. How did Jason die?

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