Which path of the gods should you take? (Kane Chronicles)

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Hello and welcome! In this quiz, you will discover the path of the gods you should take. NOTE: You need to have read the Kane Chronicles series, because this quiz includes a lot of Egyptian gods-related questions.

I myself have always wondered which path I should take. GoToQuiz seems to have a shortage of those quizzes. (Hopefully you do too, and that's the reason you're taking this quiz)

Created by: Silverspring324 of T.Y.P.O. Poetry
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  1. Which Egyptian goddess do you like best?
  2. Which Egyptian god do you like best?
  3. Which weapon/form of magic do you like best?
  4. Which part of your soul is your favorite?
  5. Choose a divine word!
  6. What part would you like to play in a battlefield?
  7. Choose a character from the series!
  8. Choose an element!
  9. Which talent would you like to have?
  10. Choose a color!

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Quiz topic: Which path of the gods should I take? (Kane Chronicles)