What is the perfect symbol for you?

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A symbol of a person captures his/her essence and personality completely, with every part of it reflecting a part of the person.( If you're asked to design a flag, put the results on it) This quiz also includes the color most relevant to your personality.

If you've ever wondered what your symbol is, this quiz is just for you! Of course, everyone has their own unique symbol, this is only a general picture. Warning to males: this quiz was made by a girl, so the results may be inaccurate for you.

Created by: Silverspring324
  1. If you were to make the world at peace, what should you spread?
  2. What is a positive statement about yourself?
  3. What is a negative statement about yourself?
  4. If you were a goddess/god, you would be goddess/god of:
  5. Which time do you like best?
  6. Pick an element!
  7. Pick a season!
  8. Favorite part of the color spectrum?
  9. Choose a magic power.
  10. What subject in school do/did you like best?
  11. What do you do when you're bored?
  12. You are walking down a street. What is the most likely to get your attention?

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