What symbol are you?

There are so many emo's and happy people so take this quiz to find out your results. Afterall it is good to get too know the world around you and in other peoples point of view.

What symbol are you? Do you know what symbol you already are take this quiz too really know. Until now you do not honestly do not know what symbol you really are. Thank you for taking this quiz.

Created by: Ryan
  1. Do you respect people?
  2. Are you a miserable person?
  3. What do when your bored?
  4. What do when your bored?
  5. Do you play video games?
  6. Do you break the law?
  7. Did you ever experience true love?
  8. what symbol do you think yourself as?
  9. Are you in denial (be honest)
  10. Do you hang around a crew of miserable people?
  11. Why do you get miserable?
  12. Do you like the internet?

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Quiz topic: What symbol am I?