What is your Lucky Symbol?

Luck is what we all need some time. Have you ever wondered how to bring yourself luck? All sorts of symbols and charms have been used in different times and cultures to bring luck - but which one is right for you? Find out here.

So what is lucky for you? Take this quiz to find out how to bring yourself luck by discovering your lucky symbol. (This quiz is just for fun, so please don't take it seriously or get mad at me if it doesn't work!)

Created by: Kunama
  1. Your favourite colour...
  2. Would you go for good or evil?
  3. How do you see yourself?
  4. ...continued... (look back at 5 if you've forgotten the question!)
  5. What type of person are you at school/work/whatever social grouping you have?
  6. What country do you live in?
  7. What is your favourite animal out of these?
  8. And your favourite plant?
  9. What job would you prefer?
  10. (continued)
  11. How important do you think you are in the world?

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Quiz topic: What is my Lucky Symbol?