what Element are you

There are many people in this world and each of these people have a diffrent element which one are you alliined to, simply take this quiz to find out...

fire the symbol of passion and anger water the symbol of calm and life air the symbol of adventure and unfocus earth the symbol of order and strength light the symbol of goodwill dark the symbol of the selfish aether the symbol of the soul fig the symbol of the mind and you are...

Created by: james

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. There is a blind and dumb begger on the street, what will you do
  2. where is your happy place?
  3. a Large Drunk Man Comes Up to you, What do you do?
  5. Would you consider yourself, smart?
  6. ONE thing on a stranded island, with no-one for MILES, one thing you may have, what is it
  7. Dou you have a crush on someone?
  8. One thing to eat what is it
  9. You worship one of the following
  10. what would you rate these questions

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Quiz topic: What Element am I